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Fools Rush In

fools rush in
fools rush in

I see the summer romances in full bloom. Friends who were just asking me to introduce them to my friends are referencing to my lady or girl just weeks later. What the, you were just, what? Oh I get it, you we're so lonely that you rushed right into a long-term relationship. Well good luck with that.

When choosing a potential life partner, I strongly suggest taking your time to get acquainted with this other person. Take your time dating or courting and appreciate the sincerity that comes along with truly getting to know one another. Become familiar with this person before making it sexual is a VITAL STEP in this process.

True intimacy is in the mind, well for those who are sipping what I’m pouring. You really can connect on a level unlike any you have previously experience when you again, take your time.

Beside, how many of us have rushed into a passionate, hot and heavy romance only to find out that the person you thought they were and the person they really are, are 2 completely different individuals. People are always pretending to be something they are not and when you rush in you can’t always see the writing on the wall. Demonstrate some self-control and genuinely want to know more about this person in a healthy context. Now let that sink in….

Those with younger children tend to rush right in too. Not sure why anyone would want to expose their child to a rotating door of potential partners.  And if you have a small child too, mine as well start picking out China.  And the unfortunate sad truth is those couples split up months later or stay together and make each other and everyone else around them, including the kids, miserable in the process.

Why do people rush into relationships? When you rush in, you can confuse and complicate a situation that isn't ideal for you and your life. Can you afford to waste your  time and energy with the wrong person? You can save yourself months of anguish and what if’s and why me’s if you would only take more time getting to know one another on an intimate, personal, divulging level BEFORE becoming sexual. Point blank, take it or leave it. That is the reality. Don’t settle for anything less, you deserve to be loved as greatly as you love.

Instant connections are powerful, so is sexual attraction, but building a solid foundation for the rest of your life is essential for an exclusive, mutually loving, vitality filled, synergistic relationship with the right match for YOU.

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Colleen is the Executive Matchmaker at Natural Selection San Diego, proud member of the Chickasaw Nation and San Diego Native. Colleen's authentic 'Passion for Matching' dates back to High School, successfully matching couples together whom are still happily married to this day. She continuously networks all over San Diego nurturing her business relationships and seeking out Maximum Attraction Matches for her clients.

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