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Things not working right? Have questions about your article? Or maybe you're like, “where the f*ck is the login page?” We gotchu, boo!

We keep things pretty simple around here. If you get stuck, this page should help you get unstuck.

I submitted my article but it hasn't published yet. It's been xxx weeks?

We're not always the timeliest when it comes to posting content. We try and most times we get things published within a week or two of receiving your content. You can always reply to the email you received from us when you submitted your article.

Sometimes, your article might be so bad that we remove it, without notifying you. Yes, it's a jerk move but we only trash an article when we deem the quality beyond repair or if the article is a blatant content marketing piece that hasn't been paid for. Reading poorly written articles or marketing drivel pisses us off. Don't be a dick, please.

How much does it cost for a Guest Post or Advertorial Content?

Review our Advertiser Guidelines.

Where the f*ck is the login page?

Bro. Sorry. We try to make things hard for bots and hackers. If you have an account with us, you can find the log-in page here.

Do you accept Guest Posts?

Does the Pope wear a funny hat? Yes, we do! Review our Guest Posting Guidelines here. Our submission form is on that page, too.