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As I develop a passion driven, reputable matchmaking service, I am learning that life coaching and match making go hand in hand. By the time a healthy person realizes how exhausting dating and meeting numerous potential mates can be, they have lost the vibrancy and optimism they initially once maintained, climb into a bat cave and never return to the dating world. Not to mention, meeting and taking time to interact with ‘on-line’ types can get your bank account drained or even worse. The outcome, unhealthy individuals that truly believe they deserve the most attractive, most successful people to be matched with because they paid for my services.

Finding the perfect match for a person who is not clear on who they are or is lacking confidence or self-esteem is damn near impossible.  How the hell can someone attract the right person when they are too busy feeling sorry for themselves or are so thirsty for attention from the opposite sex that they don’t know how desperate they appear? They are so impatient that they continue to demonstrate the same behavior that has them single without entertaining the notion that perhaps some self-discovery, independent thinking or alone time could do them some good. If you aren't perfectly happy with yourself all by yourself how can someone else be?

Yes, finding your maximum attraction (or even like attraction depending on how old you are) match is like finding a lottery ticket worth 50 million dollars. It most likely won't happen right away, it takes a work and in the meantime in between time one has to maintain a persevering spirit.  They have to trust my judgment and due diligence when it comes to finding ‘the one’.  I can haphazardly discourage you with the overwhelming details of meeting multiple potentials for you, taking the time to interact and ask specific questions  and then being extremely disappointed by the results. Do you know how many times this happens during a week? This, this exact scenario I am describing is why you have hired me.

I am no magician; I cannot pull this perfect person from the sky and plop them down in front of you at a 5 star restaurant and say propose. I’m phenomenal but you need to be too if you think this is what is going to happen. You need to be healthy inside and out, have an unbelievable outlook on life and be so focused on bettering yourself every day that you don't have time for the nonsense. Can you honestly say that about yourself? Is it a realistic probability to expect someone you are clearly not?

I’m not for everyone. If you can't handle some tough love or a mirror reflecting back on the obvious, then I am not the matchmaker for you. Be ready to be slapped upside your head with a strong dose of reality, you’ll thank me later. Or you can keep exposing yourself to the on line atrocity you are oh so comfortable with, staying secluded from real people who are about actions not just words you want to hear. The choice is yours….so what is it going to be?

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Colleen is the Executive Matchmaker at Natural Selection San Diego, proud member of the Chickasaw Nation and San Diego Native. Colleen's authentic 'Passion for Matching' dates back to High School, successfully matching couples together whom are still happily married to this day. She continuously networks all over San Diego nurturing her business relationships and seeking out Maximum Attraction Matches for her clients.

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