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4 Things Every Couple Must Discuss Before Getting Married
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4 Things Every Couple Must Discuss Before Getting Married

Are you engaged or hoping to find one? Scouring the best dating sites 2021 in the hopes of meeting your match? Marriage is still a goal that many people strive towards, whether they are currently single or in a relationship. While marriage can be an amazing and fulfilling experience, it can also come with some…

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The Psychology of the Pickup Artist

KamaTV from England has been presenting youtube videos since August, 2015 that, “…teach the science of attraction….” which help men communicate more confidently with women. This enhances their success in dating, and pickup artistry, defined as skilled interaction and seduction technique. They have 1,281 videos with over 100,000,000 views, boasting some 325,000 subscribers. Recently, their…