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Friends WITHOUT Benefits

Yes, read it again. Not with. But. Without. I’ve always wondered why the colloquial: Friends With Benefits linguistically and objectively made sense. The term just implodes because of two very logical assertions: (1) That pure friendship (platonic) isn’t ever sexual...

/ July 6, 2021
Dating and personal finances

Money Matters in Dating

In the beginning stages of a dating relationship, there tends to be a great deal of dining out and other planned activities. While this is a fun time, it's all too easy for money (payment for activities) to create awkwardness....

/ January 5, 2021
single on valentine's day

How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love but for those that are single it can bring about many different emotions. It can be hard to treat February 14th the same as any other day, especially because everywhere you look something...

/ February 10, 2020

Here is Why People Rarely Find a Partner on Tinder – When Nature Outcompetes Technology

Tinder is a dating app used by 50 million people. Although the number of users keeps increasing, there is a general dissatisfaction in particular among women, who perceive that men predominantly use the app to look for casual sex. In...

/ January 16, 2020

My Love Do(n't) Cost Things

Love isn’t Free. Materially or metaphorically, it isn’t. Here are four characteristics of why money isn’t the only thing but is in fact, a thing in relationships. It Depends On Your Lifestyle She’s dripping with Gucci and you can’t do...

/ January 2, 2020

Make Getting Better Sleep Your New Year’s Resolution

We all look ahead for a beautiful new year and make resolutions to be a better version of ourselves. While a majority of us add meditation, exercise and a healthy diet to the list, we often fail to incorporate better...

/ December 31, 2019

Not a Math. Not Science. Love’s Art.

I've long speculated on the definition of love and its paradigm. What's the ‘subject' of this subject on love? How would you answer that? Here's my simple answer: Numbers Game It is projected that a woman is supposed to meet...

/ September 24, 2019

The Ethics of Ghosting

P1: You’re still interested in a person and continue to communicate with them. P2: The other party is no longer communicating. P3: The other party is no longer interested. C: You just got ghosted Ghosting is an infamous, colloquial, and...

/ July 9, 2019