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Size Queen: Am I Worthy of Love?

Sometimes we sit and stare at our phone screens, obsessively waiting for replies from people who seemed into us, but aren’t texting back. You may be wondering, “Am I worthy of love Wait. I talked about this already, didn’t I?...

/ January 26, 2013

7 Things You Need To Know About Civil Partnerships

The enshrinement of civil partnerships into law was an important stage in the advancement of gay and lesbian rights. The UK government introduced the Civil Partnership Act in 2004 to bring the rights of gay people into line with those...

/ January 14, 2013

When Age Does Not Equal Emotional Stability

The truth of the matter in the "gay dating world" is simple: young, gay males claim to want such a passionate, enduring romance à la "Brokeback Mountain", but their actions prove to be extremely opposite.

/ January 14, 2011

You’ve Got to Have Friends…

Don’t rely too much on your gays because no matter how many times they feel you up, they are not your actual boyfriend.

/ October 13, 2010