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Toxic Love

There are people out there in the world that are toxic, meaning they will never bring anything positive into a relationship, and with so many people looking for relationship advice there must be a reason. The reason is they are dating toxic people. Toxic, by definition, means poisonous. Toxic daters are very unpleasant people, and very poor romantic candidates. Instead of having a healthy blossoming relationship, you’ll have one that is filled with poison and misery. Written below I have listed the 3 types of toxic daters that you should be aware of and make sure to stay away from when you are dating!

The first type of toxic dater is the jealous competitor. People who are jealous competitors will compete with you by interrupting you whenever you try to speak, will constantly disagree with you, and will never take your side on anything. Jealous competitors are very difficult to deal with as their aim is to always belittle you. If you are out on a date one night at a nice fancy restaurant and you notice that the whole time he/she has been talking and you haven’t been able to get one word in, this person is a toxic dater. Rapid constant speech mixed with rarely allowing someone to get a word in is a clear distinction that someone is a jealous competitor.

The next type of toxic dater is the know-it-all. Know-it-alls are the types of people who always have an answer or explanation for everything you have to say. They are fundamentally closed-minded, who view their ideas, opinions and thoughts as superior to any others. Because they are extremely insecure with themselves, their biggest fear is not having an audience to which they can show everyone just how much they know! If you are out on a date one night and the person you are with always has a comeback, constantly has their arms folded or has their hands on their hips, and never has anything positive to say, stay away! These are signals that you need to keep your distance.

The third type of toxic dater is the emotionless person. People who are emotionless tend to never be in check with their feelings (editor's note — we might also use “sociopath” to describe these folk). They don’t talk much, they don’t share their opinions and they tend to shy away from those who are very outgoing and personable. It is very hard to tell how an emotionless person is feeling because they speak very apathetically. Someone who seems to have a forced smile on their face, poor eye contact and does not tell you how they are feeling is a toxic dater. Instead, you want to date someone who is open, loving and fun which are all characteristic of someone who is filled with lively emotion.

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Hi! I'm Ashley, an 18 year old South Floridian. I haven't been dating long, but think of my self as an "Urban Dater" myself. I have been through it all, the chasing, the loving and the break-ups. I am currently giving back with my new website that focuses on teenage relationship advice . There I give advice on dating, relationships, and love for teens.

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