Stop Putting Women on a Pedestal. Put Yourself on One Instead.

putting women on a pedastal

Hi, guys, it's your favorite no frills blogger Jimmy M, back at it with pedestals, pedestals, and more motherfucking pedestals! As well as who you should never put on them (hot girls).

Ahem, most men make the mistake of putting women up on pedestals and not demonstrating their value, which causes women to lose interest.

What is your value?

Your value is literally your apparent worth to other people (not just girls, and not just money) and can be expressed in a lot of ways. For example, being a good storyteller makes you valuable to a group of people because without your presence they'd be super bored. Value is also situational, so a DJ or Bartender at an exclusive club has an almost infinite amount of value to any woman during the night (I'm not joking, those guys get laid like crazy), but, they become regular guys during the day.

Ok “bruh,” I know what value is. Why does it apply to me?

Well, women don't go for guys that they don't consider to be of similar value. So whenever you flirt with a woman, you're entering into a value pissing contest. Below I discuss some of the points in more detail.


“All I want is a guy who can make me laugh,” said the hot blonde, as she sat at the bar playing with the umbrella in her drink. Yes, I'm dramatic, but you get the point! It has been scientifically proven by the University of mmhrm mhrm; that laughter is there for the sole purpose of bringing people closer together. You ever share a joke with a complete stranger and while you're laughing it feels like you've known each other for years? Well, that's the power of humor, and funny guys are the fucking puppet masters (Dance puppets!!).


Honestly “Health”, is just a nicer way of saying “looks.” Appearance is a great source of value for both men and women, why? Because good looking people are fun to look at! Now, you're probably thinking “Aw, fuck, I'm just an average looking dude, however, can I get hot girls?”, Well, grasshopper, luckily for you, ole' Uncle Jimmy gone’ tell you a pro-tip, more attractive women actually care LESS about what you look like (I know, weird right?), but there's a reason for this. Firstly, understand that beautiful woman can have almost any guy they want and as a result of this, the only guys with the sack to approach them, tend to be rich and good looking and very drunk. I know this isn't making you feel any better, but here comes the silver lining; these men tend to be boring, like really boring (okay maybe not the drunk guy), which means you can use humor to your advantage. You've probably never seen a comedian that was both rich AND abnormally handsome (and rightly so! That's WAAAY too many things for one person to have going on). So basically she probably doesn't know anyone more attractive than you. Use that.


I don't even know why I'm explaining this shit; everyone knows that money makes people sexy. However, it also makes people weak (with great power comes great responsibility!). Now… Uhm, if you don't have a lot of money, you can scroll past this next part, you're safe, BUT IF YOU DO! Listen up; wealth is a sign of value, but only when used sparingly, if not, it can have quite the opposite effect. Humility is attractive, i.e.,; being rich as fuck, but not making a big deal out of it. The worst thing you can ever do is try to win a woman's affection by buying her expensive stuff (sure, you can give her nice shit, AFTER you've gotten her, but never before!). Spending large sums of money on strangers is a great way to show people you're a loser. Some women will ask you for expensive gifts, just to see if you'll buy it, learn to say NO, it's a very powerful word, especially to women that aren't used to hearing it.


“As you sow, so shall you reap.” Let me break it down for you, if you plant a bunch of awesome seeds, you’re going to grow a big fucking awesome tree. The easiest way to get women interested in you is to be confident, tell yourself you're the shit, and you'll be the shit! Confidence is strongly linked to success, and people who see a confident man will always assume he has stuff going for him!


Well, this one sounds complicated, but it's simple enough. You ever felt like women want you more when you're in a relationship? Well, you're right, they do want you more, and it is a conspiracy. Nobody wants anything unless other people want it too. I'm sure you've heard the phrase “if you want the girl, hit on her friends,” well, I don't suggest putting the moves on them per se, but get them to like you. I don't care if her friends look like they just ate rotten tomatoes, chat them up!! If other females find you attractive, she'll most likely follow suit.


If you hung out with the Kardashians for a day, the paparazzi would probably start following you around too! Okay, that was a bit far-fetched, but you get the point, women want to be associated with a well-connected individual. If you aren't a celebrity, there are clever ways to display status.

Here's a PRO-TIP for you: Find a cafe or restaurant that's relatively close to your house (one that's nice, but not super fancy, this is important). Go there a few times by yourself, tip the waiters well and LEARN THEIR FIRST NAMES, the moment you do this, you become what is known as a “regular.” Do not underestimate the power of taking a girl out on a date to a place that considers you a regular. Especially if it's a place with good looking waitresses calling you by your first name, then you get a two for one, status and pre-selection, cha-ching!


Here is the place where soldiers, policemen and other uniformed men get to shine, as you probably know, these jobs don't pay very much, but they do give you the power to tell people (other men) what to do (Apparently this turns some women on). But it's not just violence that displays dominance, quite to the contrary. It's been long debated why women like doctors, most people think it's because they're wealthy or educated (wrong, most doctors aren't rich, and physicists tend to be smarter). The real reason being that every day, doctors have the lives of other people (other men) in their hands and without their help, these other men would very likely die. Which is quite a lot of power if you think about it.

Here's the good news: You don't need all of these to be considered an attractive man. In fact, for most women, you only need to display two of these, and chances are you already have one, and you're not utilizing it to its full potential, unlock the attractive man inside you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]. Cheers!

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