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My intentions with my ex were to come together and create something stronger than either one of us could be on our own. Thankfully, he recently provided me with a wake-up reality check. It wasn't the first message I had received but I could no longer ignore the signs that kept flashing in my face.

I finally accepted the life lesson within it all and as I reflected I realized I deserve so much more from a man. I love myself so much that I refuse to settle for anything less than what I am giving. Since I am most likely not the first person to have my heartbroken I thought I should share some insight and valuable lessons I have learned the hard way.

ALWAYS trust your gut, your head and your heart may never agree but your gut – your core it NEVER lies. You can put blinders on, ignore all the signs, be naive or keep lying to yourself that he’ll learn “one day” to appreciate and love you, ALL of you, the good and the sketch but…….why? Why waste your precious time when the inevitable outcome will be you alone and heartbroken?

Interpret his actions first and foremost, his words only mean something when they are in alignment with his actions. You are smart, strong, and deserve to have the love that you give returned 100%.

Accept the truth, it’s either there or it’s not. Don’t ever try to force or manipulate or control any aspect of your relationship. Your only fooling yourself and again he has to love you for all of you.

You can ONLY fix yourself. Love him unconditionally and love yourself so much that you become the change you seek in him.

I look for honesty, loyalty and mutual, undeniable chemistry. I will not accept anything less no matter how handsome the package, no matter how great the lust, no matter how smooth the mouthpiece.

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Colleen is the Executive Matchmaker at Natural Selection San Diego, proud member of the Chickasaw Nation and San Diego Native. Colleen's authentic 'Passion for Matching' dates back to High School, successfully matching couples together whom are still happily married to this day. She continuously networks all over San Diego nurturing her business relationships and seeking out Maximum Attraction Matches for her clients.

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