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It’s Complicated….Really?

relationship complicated

Ever met a great person you were mutually attracted to but one of you was already in a committed relationship? Crossed paths with a stranger you were naturally drawn to only to find out they are in a complicated situation.  It’s the worst to have that ‘loving feeling’ and not be able to act upon it. That’s why they say timing is everything.

I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe you encounter who you encounter on your journey through life to learn a lesson. Whether it is a life changing or life enhancing decision, it is always your decision to make. You decide to indulge or to refrain. You decide to carry on a messy lifestyle or you end a failing relationship with dignity and respect.

Nothing is worse than a cheater. If he cheats for you he will cheat on you. If she can’t end her defeated relationship then she isn’t honest. Of course it is easier typed then done. I know you ‘don’t want to hurt’ anyone’s feelings. I myself was in an unhealthy relationship I carried on for far too long. Not being honest with myself was by far one of the most difficult lessons I learned in life. I am thankful to have grown from the entire experience and had years of damage control as a consequence to my actions.

I understand the heart wants who it wants. Further, the brain is far too logical for love most of the time. But you have a gut instinct; it’s an undeniable feeling in the core of your body. Pay attention to it. When you are in close proximity to another you are naturally drawn to its called Maximum Attraction. You only truly connect with another face to face; this cannot be accomplished on line or without meeting in person.  The love algorithm was created by Mother Nature, not Match.com

So when you do meet that special someone, the one you both cannot be without, act upon it in a mature fashion. Clean your current mess up so you can have a clean future. If they really are that special, don’t waste time. Handle your business quickly and earnestly, somewhat like a love business transaction. When you have that window of opportunity seize it, grab the bull by the horns and go get what you really want. You know it’s special, they know it’s different, new, exciting and monumental so take a leap of faith together, uncomplicate everything else and let it ride.

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Colleen is the Executive Matchmaker at Natural Selection San Diego, proud member of the Chickasaw Nation and San Diego Native. Colleen's authentic 'Passion for Matching' dates back to High School, successfully matching couples together whom are still happily married to this day. She continuously networks all over San Diego nurturing her business relationships and seeking out Maximum Attraction Matches for her clients.

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  1. In my experience guys will not cheat on a girl, even if the relationship is bad. Girls on the other hand will cheat. Girls will let themselves get fingered or give head to a random guy then say “well I didn’t cheat because I didn’t have sex”. Then she will go back to her man and pretend she is faithful. When she finally does dump her man the new guy will be already in place.

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