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Things Men Notice about Women on a First Date


In order to gain a proper understanding about the things men notice about women, one has to first accept the fact that ever since a few decades, there has been a rapid shift of roles and responsibilities. It so happens that the women of the present generation are far more independent than their forerunners and there has been a great evolution amongst the female workforce. Here are few things that men immediately notice in a woman:

A Cute Face

This might be difficult for one to accept but the fact of the matter is that guys first notice a face of a girl than her body. Be it her expressions, her eyes, her lips or her smile, everything seems to be all included. So the next time you go on a date, make sure you pay proper attention to keeping your face presentable, while paying more attention never to wear too much of make up as this is considered a huge turn off.

A Great Body

Accept it or not, but a woman with a great body is always considered adorable. Nobody would appreciate a body that is too flabby or fleshy as too much of fat can never be a good thing, no matter how good looking you might be. So next time when you consider setting up a date, make sure you enroll yourself in a good fitness program and work towards a great body as this adds significantly to your self-confidence.


Whether you’re dressed in a sensual way or a simple way, make sure you do it the right way without going too overboard or going for an understated look. The way you dress makes a lot of difference as it creates a specific impression about you and also reflects your personality to a large extent.

Whether She’s Loud

Guys particularly take immediate notice of a particular trait in women and check to see if they are overly aggressive, be it in their mannerisms or in the way they communicate. In other words, they check to see if they have the right attitude in reacting to a particular situation, whether or not they have the right decorum. It is definitely annoying to find a girl being too loud and it is considered least delicate.

Introvert or Extrovert

One of the things that guys notice about women is the way in which they hang out with others. In other words, they always check the gender ratio of the number of girls or guys they hang out with.

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