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The Truth About Your Type

your type
your type

As I introduce myself as a Matchmaker to my peers while I'm out networking, I notice I have let open the floodgates for “what my type is” type of conversations. Like any craftsperson my craft is not free for the taking. But since I reside in sunny San Diego, home of millions of attractive people, I thought I would share with you some of the hilarious exchanges I have encountered and my personal thoughts on the subject at hand.

Recently I was Downtown and a fellow female networker was intrigued by my Matchmaker status, which quite honestly sounds so much more glamorous than it really is. She instantly wanted to share with me her type and who she currently was crushing on. The first question I pose to anyone who has a type is “How is that working out for you?”  Limiting oneself to a type is like limiting yourself to only wearing wedge heels. Sure they look good but after wearing them for so long your knees begin to ache and your feet begin to swell.  If you go about searching for a type of partner rather than looking for qualities your compatible within an individual, you may just keep dating the same person over and over again never learning from your mistakes.

When I tell men I am a Matchmaker they often do one of two things.  They either immediately tell me that they are taken or they ask me who my clientele are. Which I happily answer, business minded professionals who are far too busy to waste precious time on dating the wrong people…just like you.

Men have it all figured out though, and certainly don't need my help finding a woman.  They know exactly who they want, the most visually appealing female in the room. But let’s talk about that train wreck of a beauty they are drawn to for a moment, the type they always go for. On the outside she is usually skinny with flattering features; big chest, pretty face, small waist. She laughs at your jokes and flings her hair back every 7 seconds while usually over indulging on wine. Oh yes, she is pretty on the outside alright, but what about on the inside? Can she entertain a stimulating conversation or does that even matter?

Not just men, women also typically believe everything an attractive person of the opposite sex tells them. They want to believe the lies but the truth is; wasting precious time with the wrong person will further keep you from finding the right person. So you are either too naïve or not intelligent enough to realize they are lying or you are lying to yourself. Which is it? The truth is always right there in front of your face, flashing, blinking. Can you afford to ignore it? Yes the truth hurts, but isn't it more painful to drag out the inevitable with the wrong person? You deserve more for yourself and the sooner you accept the truth the sooner you can get on with a life of less drama and less heartache.

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Colleen is the Executive Matchmaker at Natural Selection San Diego, proud member of the Chickasaw Nation and San Diego Native. Colleen's authentic 'Passion for Matching' dates back to High School, successfully matching couples together whom are still happily married to this day. She continuously networks all over San Diego nurturing her business relationships and seeking out Maximum Attraction Matches for her clients.

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