Disclosure Statement

Every now and again we might review a product or service on this here blog. If we believe it’s a good product, and the vendor selling said product or service has an affiliate program, we have no issue referring other people to a *good* product/service with an affiliate link, which means we may be paid a commission if you buy the product that we recommend.

Why would you even give a damn in the first place?

Well, children of the corn, you see, the FCC feels that we need to explain the above, in detail, because otherwise, they think that you're a mindless zombie that will pretty much buy anything you're told or recommended to buy. They don't trust your decision making skills all that much, it seems. They think that we'd be willing to sell out and tank our reputation to make a few extra dollars. They’re wrong. But we have a legal obligation to disclose this information to you, or Uncle Sam and the FCC will donkey punch us. Ow.

If you don't like our product reviews, that's fine, you needn't read them. All links to advertiser services and products may be followed by a (affiliate link) note, or categorized as “Advert” or “Sponsored Post,” or by adding a plain-text disclaimer at the end of the post.

We also monetize this site using display ads, or text links. Those are underlined differently and pop-up a thumbnail of a related site of “interest.” In fact you're probably seeing a number of them on this page. Is that irony?

For information on how you may use the content on the Urban Dater, head on over to our Legal-ese page: https://theurbandater.com/legal (Good Effing Reading there… Not really)