The 5 Ways We Give Out Our Phone Number


I see numbers exchanged at my tables every night. They say, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but the truth is 10-digit souvenirs leave the city all the time. It is a sight to see. Some exchanges are amusingly awkward, others more suave, like Don Draper at a Manhattan cocktail lounge. Some are instant connections, many others liquid-fueled one-night stands, but most of them can be broken down into five categories.

1. The Text-Back

The text-back is one of the biggest deterrents from getting duped with a fake phone number. It's the scenario where you have someone give you their phone number and immediately text them yours. If the digits are legitimate, you'll see their phone light up with your number on the screen. If not, a polite “nice to meet you” is a great way to end the conversation.

On the other hand, the text-back can be an awkward situation when you otherwise planned to give out a fake number. My advice is to ask for theirs and let them know you might text or call them later. The absence of contact will let them down gently.

2. The Hand-Off


This is the best way to score a number. When the other person physically taps in their contact info into your phone, it's a good chance that they're very interested. The possibility of a fake number always looms, but from the interactions I've seen over the years, the women who take a man's phone to type in their number usually mean business.

Use Tip No. 1 to avoid a fraud. Text her back to see if her phone actually lights up, but don't throw a fit if it doesn't.

3. The Business Card

This should be called the “hit-or-miss.” Giving a woman your business card can be professional and exemplify confidence or it can look pretentious and desperate. It has nothing to do with the profession on the card, but in the body language. Reach for a business card like you're trying to show off and you'll do nothing but instantly turn her off. My favorite remedy – grab a business card like it's nothing more than a spare piece of paper and write your cell number on the back.

4. The Oral Report

Minds out of the gutter, people. I'm talking about telling a person your number and hoping they remember. Giving your number with the confidence that she'll remember might look impressive, but keep in mind, when you gamble in Vegas, the drinks are free and the memory tends to slip.

5. The Napkin

This is the rarest at my tables but a personal favorite to see. Before every person had a phone in their pocket, we wrote our numbers down on napkins. There was an essence of class to it and I think that women, if only a small number, feel the same way. Every time I see a number exchanged on a couple of cocktail napkins, I always root for it to be more than a one-night stand.

Keith Mueller

Keith is a freelance writer and blackjack dealer who lives in Las Vegas.

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