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Dating Resolutions for a New Year.

Here we are, 2010.  Is it everything you thought it would be?  Are you still hung over from New Year's Eve?  I certainly am.  Whoever said “The liver is evil and must be punished” was an asshole.  Jerk.  Anyway, it's a new year and it's a time when many of us reflect on the year in review, what we learned and what we're going to do going forward.I pinged the twitterverse (you should totally follow us, btw) to see what sort of responses I would get.

KCKOOL – I will not get so attached, so serious & so invested so soon!
Mes9193 – To be more open to the possibility of what could be and to ask for what I want as opposed to assuming he knows.
2009cansuckit – (my personal favorite) Be less crazy. Also, have more sex. Do those count?
aubree11 – My dating/relationship resolution is 2 go w/ my gut, be myself, get vulnerable & MOSTLY, go 4 available men!

Not too shabby.  I can get behind any of those, especially the having more sex resolution.  You don't have to wait for a new year to make a resolution though.  You can make theme at anytime.  The world is in a constant flux and is always changing, so are  we.  That's the nature of the best; of life, so to speak.  That said, what would I change or resolve to address in the coming year?  I'd probably be less afraid and more open to serious relationships.  Commitment does scare me, as its burned me before, however, that's a lame excuse; and that leads me to another resolution: Don't compare my current relationships to those of the past.  They are different relationships and different people that need to be deal with separate of what ever happened in the past.

Oh, another dating resolution is to not see so many women at the same time… It's a good way to drain your account super quickly.

It's a good thing to sit back and reflect on what you've learned in the last year; I think that's when we really internalize our various experiences.

Until next time, stop being so emo and go on a date already.

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