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Triangular Theory of Love: Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment

The “Triangle of Courtesy” Hiking Sign Has a New Friend Yale psychologist Robert Sternberg described consummate love or “true love” as a perfect triad of the following three components- passion, intimacy, and commitment. And any partial components result in different...

/ March 23, 2017

Ask the Urban Dater: Is the Grass Really Greener?

My boyfriend's best friend just became single. He is embracing his new freedom by drinking, partying, & constantly talking smack about his ex. (who I think, she is completely reasonable in this whole situation) Now my boyfriend said every guy...

/ September 1, 2015

Is it a Good Idea to Have Prenup?

Prenuptial agreements are a bit of a sticky issue when it comes to marriage-planning. They whisper the possibility of divorce in the future, and no one wants to admit that their happily-ever-after might not work out after all. But, emotional...

/ October 18, 2013
valentine's day

How to play out the perfect first date on Valentine’s Day

Have a hot date this Valentine’s Day and looking for some advice? We interviewed dating coach, David Wygant to get the low down on what men really think on a first date. It’s completely normal to have butterflies fluttering in...

/ February 14, 2013
Assholes come in all shapes and sizes

Ask the Urban Dater: Led Off the Cliff of Love

Welcome back to another edition of “Ask the Urban Dater.” I hope everyone brought their skullcaps and jello! You're gonna want to strap in and get ready for the goods folks. Today's question comes from Ms. Led, a 58 year...

/ August 10, 2012
do opposites attract?

Ask the Urban Dater: Opposites Attract

It's that time again where you guys Ask the Urban Dater about those relationship issues that cause you great sorrow, right in the crotch of your pants. Today's question, comes from Bethany P. Von StrangleVadge, from Pawtucket. There's this guy...

/ July 12, 2012
explaining stds

Ask the Urban Dater: the Curious Case of Mono-Pause

I was masturbating/going-for-a-walk the other day when I saw the text message to the left. If you're one of them assholes that disables images in your browser like that Linux Hacker fuck-head, then I'll just give you the short curlies...

/ July 8, 2012
How to Oral Sex

Ask the Urban Dater: Is it Better to Give AND Receive?

It's been a while since our last Ask the Urban Dater segment, so we've got a good number to go through. You'd think we'd take care of the oldest one first. Nope. That's not how I'm rolling this time. I'm...

/ July 6, 2012