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How To Be A Great Date


There's nothing quite like a great date to put you in a good mood and enjoy life.

And whether you're single or have been married for years, with a few quick tips/reminders I'm going to help inject your love life with some much needed fun and excitement!

Because that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Ok, here's the formula for a great date.

A great attitude + something out-of-the-ordinary

My number #1 tip (especially on first dates) is to try and have a fun happy-go-lucky attitude.

Enjoy the present! Don't worry about your potential future together or anything else outside of your control. All you can control is whether or not you are enjoying the moment, and if you are, chances are your partner is as well.

A good mood is infectious. Try to be open-minded, and try and be willing to try new things …who knows where the night will take you!

With the right attitude you can make anything you do fun, but the real secret is to do something new for both of you.

Hopefully at this point (before your date) you will have gotten to know your partner a little bit. Enough at least to get some ideas of what their interests are. Use that information to plan the date or to suggest an activity.

For example…

If they are outgoing, maybe try go-karting, karaoke, going to an arcade, or something else extreme.

If they are into books or movies, go to Chapters or your local massive book store and walk around. For a laugh pick out books you think encapsulates what little you know about each other and make a little competition about it. The winner gets to pick desert.

The point is, the more outside of the box you make this date, the more memorable you will become. Because the more random (and fun!) your behavior, the more that person is going to want to hang out with you to find out what you're going to do next.

Of course there IS more to being a great date than just having fun and thinking of crazy things to do, but those two little things will make you stand out. So try them!

Now, for a quick refresher on what else makes a great date, here are a few DO and DO NOT's to make your dates the best around…

DO  –  ask thoughtful questions to get to know your date better.

DO NOT – ask question after question. This isn't an interview!

DO – Be polite. If you're a guy, make sure to treat her like a lady. If you're a woman, make sure to let him know you feel comfortable and safe.

DO NOT – Be selfish. Don't talk about yourself and your problems (do NOT talk about your EX!!!!).

DO – be yourself. You might be nervous, but so are they. Life's too short to not be yourself. If they don't accept you, who cares. You can still have fun with someone you're not going to marry.

DO NOT – worry! Your mind often wants to sabotage you. Don't let it! Practice some breathing and mental distraction techniques.

With the right attitude you will make whatever you do fun. Even if you just go watch a movie then grab a coffee. Do a little research on some fun things to talk about (there is nothing wrong with being prepared) in case you run out of things to say. And if you disagree on something, laugh it off and move on.

A great date is about focusing on things you both enjoy and moving on from the things you don't.

That's it for today.

Go now and start planning a fun date!

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Creator of 'The Dirty Talk Handbook' & 'From Girl To Goddess' Evan Michaels has helped thousands of men & women ignite their relationships by learning what the opposite sex desires and how to drive them wild!

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