So You Met a Gorgeous Girl…

quality girl
quality girl

Lessons in courtship-Be a better man.

“You’re at the park, and you spot a gorgeous girl by the ice cream stand, you get in line right behind her, make a witty comment, notice that you actually sparked her interest, you shell out $3 to buy her ice cream and treat yourself to one as well, next the two of you spend some time talking and you discover that she’s intelligent, sweet and smart. You finish your ice cream, ask her for her phone number and leave, because spending more than 20 minutes in a spontaneous meeting is too long. You call her the next day and invite her for a date for a specific time, specific day, you think of something more clever than a dinner date, like a trip to the museum to check out a new exhibit, a game of ping pong, or a day time activity because dinner dates are supposed to be reserved for third dates.”

The truth is that truly gorgeous, smart and interesting women have plenty of “admirers” to choose from, and they are picky. They want a man that stands out from the rest, they are tired of bozos inviting them on banal dates, sending silly text messages and behaving like girls. If you’re truly looking to land your dream girl, here is a list of things that will make you stand out and get a high quality woman to truly appreciate, and respect you.

1. Call instead of Texting – there is nothing wrong with text messaging, however there are too many texts being sent on a daily basis, calling will make you stand out, even if she texts back to your call text back, but call again and get her used to speaking with you on the phone. She will get used to your voice and miss you when you don’t call. Plus you’re taking control in deciding when and how you want to communicate.

2. Pay for her! (especially in the beginning)- even if she makes more money than you, even if she insists on paying and pretends to be “offended”, even if she says she’ll buy you a drink after or pays for the cab, don’t let her pay! women are genetically programmed to search for providers, she will gain immediate respect for you and you will feel good about yourself as well. If you’re on a budget, don’t go into debt and create false expectations by taking the girl to an expensive dinner, be creative with date planning and provide. This will also serve as a motivational factor for you, I guarantee that this will improve all areas in life.

3. Open doors, work on your posture, listen more than speak, ask questions and show interest.
Don’t forget the good old chivalry, it sounds basic, but too many guys ignore it. Once again, women look for providers, and not only when it comes to money, subtle acts like opening doors will go a long way.

4. Don’t be a drunk-keep it to a two drink minimum on the first three dates. High quality girls don’t appreciate beer breath, and drunken babbling.

5. Have one trick that makes you stand out, for example palm reading, card tricks (don’t go overboard), wine knowledge (must have good story telling skills and be at a wine bar), etc..

Landing your dream girl takes work, but if you’re looking for quality, it’s well worth the effort.


Cupid and Head Matchmaker

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A general good doer and head matchmaker of a high end private dating club for chosen singles in NYC. Also known as Cupid

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  1. Nice points. I like the first one about calling her instead of texting her. It shows her you are more confident and it more personal and engaging than a simple “cowardly” text. More chance of text being misinterpreted too!

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