How To Attract Beautiful Women – 4 Useful Tips

how to attract women
how to attract women

If you are a guy that finds gorgeous looking women irresistible then you are not in a minority – most, if not all, men can’t refuse beauty. Being in the company of fantastic looking women who also have fantastic personalities is, to most men, like being in a utopian world.

We see movie stars with great looking women; we see the rich and famous posing for photographers’ with foxy women standing at their side and we watch ladies of ethereal beauty reading News reports on television every night.

It is therefore no wonder that men ponder how to attract beautiful women. Here are a few tips that you might want to try.

Tip #1 – Fashion:

Dressing in the latest clothing that suits you is important. You must also dress correctly. If , for example, you have been invited to a high society dinner party make sure your attire is appropriate.

In short, use your common sense. Always remember that women are attracted to men who dress well. Fashion sense also includes hairstyles and personal grooming.

Needless to say, having your hair styled to suit your face is a given. Likewise, beards and moustaches should also look suitable.

Tip #2 – Personality:

How you conduct yourself in front of women is very important. If you display silliness or ignorance, women will avoid you like a bad smell. However, if you display a pleasant and open-minded way of thinking, women as well as men, will enjoy your company. Having a witty and keen sense of humor will also increase your chances.

Tip #3 – Have a healthy body:

Some call it being narcissistic others say otherwise but having a healthy looking body is definitely a draw card for women. In this modern age of communication through portable computers, smart phones and digital cameras people put more emphasis on looks.

Think about it; movie stars, flight attendants, Newsreaders as well as many public figures are mostly nice looking people.

If a guy has an over weight corpulent body, he is not going to attract the girl of his dreams simply because to a woman he looks like a person that doesn’t take care of himself.

Men think the same about women. So, with that thought in mind, check yourself out in the mirror and if you do look like you need a few weeks of training at your local gym; get down there and open a membership.

Your incentive to train is the thought of having a date with a super attractive girl. Taking up a martial art is another method of losing weight as well as gaining a skill.

Tip #4 – Han an interesting lifestyle:

OK, so you are asking yourself what I mean by an interesting lifestyle. Well, allow me to explain. If your lifestyle is basically getting up in the morning, heading to an office or factory, working for the man, coming home, eating dinner and crashing in front of a 40 inch TV with a can of beer in your hand then you can pretty much guarantee no beautiful woman is going to be hammering on your door.

It is therefore important to have a lifestyle that is not mundane. If you feel your life is a rut, break out of it; kick routine in the butt and start anew.

There are many things you can do to turn your life around – join some sort of sports club (the aforementioned martial arts club is a good idea), take up a new hobby – writing poetry or stories is another idea.

Creativeness is something women like. Anything you do that is either creative or sporty, women are instantly interested. You are touching their emotions and this is what women around the world want men to understand.

These are just four tips for men who want to know how to attract beautiful women. There are, no doubt, hundreds of other tricks or things a guy can do to win the admiration and desire of a woman. Sit down somewhere quiet and list them. You may surprise yourself.

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Alex J. Stevenson is a relationship expert and a dating coach. He has been helping desperate men to improve their dating life for last couple of years.

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  1. There are things a woman hates: the kind that deals with believing it is the lover of the night and that makes him a favor, the vain not stop talking about themselves, compulsive flirts that a thousand kilometers are feeling the urge wallowing with anyone, the rude rude, dramatic wimps and those who pretend to be what they are not to conquer. Remember that girls have a great sixth sense and intuition and good, unless you are very drunk, can smell these traits in you and immediately lose interest
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