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I am a 28 year old single mother of one. Stella Artois, appropriately named after my beer of choice, is my furry four legged child who's only job is to pick out a solid dude from the crapshoot of choices I bring home. We live with my father in an 800 square foot condo in Orange County, awaiting prince charming and enough memories to finish writing my autobiography about more baggage than an airport claim. Nothing keeps life more interesting than online dating, so I'm here to share with you bad dates 1-100.


Numbers don’t lie. Your age, your weight, the number of sexual partners you’ve encountered; concrete evidence of experience. Be it days, or dinners or the need for instant gratification, with every addition to the count how happy are you? Abstinence....

/ April 14, 2016

Five Guys You Don’t Want to be After Graduating To Texting

So we met online, or at a bar, or maybe you stopped me on the way to the beer garden at a baseball game. Either way, I gave you my digits and with those numbers came an unspoken message: “Use...

/ July 9, 2015

Tell Me Lies: Why Date Two is Harder to Score Than Date One.

You lust over each other's Instagram accounts, exchange a couple of perfectly scripted emoji texts and he asks if you know of any great happy hours in the area. Assuming the final hurdle was just making sure your pictures match...

/ June 25, 2015