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F*#! Like No One Knows You’re Bleeding.

Ladies, it’s happened to us all. We begin our week excited that we have a hot date on Friday with a new love (or lust ;)) interest. Nothing can get us down; no disgruntled co-worker or raged filled driver can get in our way all week! Wednesday comes and goes, and then Thursday rolls around. Unexpectedly, and without warning we notice spotting during our normal morning bathroom routine. “What the frick!” we’re thinking. “I wasn’t supposed to start until next week!! AARRGGGHHH”.

How many times has your period got in the way of sexy time? Have you ever felt like you can not flirt because you will be sending the wrong signals and can't “perform”?

I am happy to tell you, there is finally a solution to all of your sex preventing bleeding woes! I introduce to you… *******drum roll please****** “Instead”.

The Instead softcup was originally designed to be an option next to feminine napkins and tampons. Instead softcups are a bit pricier (about $10 for a box) than our default standbys, but now that I realize how much freedom they give me, I keep a box of them around for special circumstances. Another tip is to carry either wet wipes, or I prefer using Always Wipes to Go. Use one to wipe up after inserting a soft cup in.

I would suggest testing the cups out at least a few times by yourself. I find insertion of the softcup is easiest sitting on the ground with legs up and apart. If you're familiar with tampons, it should be pretty easy to get the swing of it. Finally, I know this might be too much to ask (sarcasm alert!!), but make sure you use a dildo or vibrator and insert it all the way in- play with yourself by insertion as much as possible so you can see if you've positioned the cup correctly. If you see very little to no blood, then you have reached success.

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