Ask the Urban Dater: Opposites Attract

do opposites attract?
do opposites attract?
Yes, that's mother-effing WHIL WHEATON!!! Yeah, I spelled that differently, per Sheldon, from ‘The Big Bang Theory' – This here image is from ‘The Guild.' If you haven't watched you totes should! Great web series!

It's that time again where you guys Ask the Urban Dater about those relationship issues that cause you great sorrow, right in the crotch of your pants.

Today's question, comes from Bethany P. Von StrangleVadge, from Pawtucket.

There's this guy who I know through some other …guys. I get along great with the other guys and could see myself dating them however there is also one or two guys in the group of friends who is sooo different. He watches no tv. No Facebook no radio plays in a band. I on the other live for books tv and a huge huge movie fan. Also we are different races. I am wondering should I pursue him or are we just too different?

That's the question verbatim, kids. I'm not really sure what Bethany is asking here. The pervy part of me thinks homegirl is asking whether or not she should do two guys at the same time; which, as we all know from watching ‘Office Space,' that you need a million dollars to get that sort of action if you're “rough lookin'.”

However, I'm going to assume that this gal is merely looking to date ONE of these “different” guys.

Opposites do attract. I'm often reminded of this fact when my gal and I sit down and talk. We are very different people with very different interests, yet we work. Why? I'm not always sure why, but I know that we're headed the same direction, we have goals and we just love and support one another. Her love of fitness has helped my lethargic sedentary ways. I'd like to think my techy-ness and love of arts/culture has, in some way, contributed to her life to a degree.

I definitely wouldn't rule these dudes out because they are different from you. Perhaps you should watch less porn; perhaps you should learn to enjoy other things in life. You don't know what you don't know and you very well could be missing an opportunity to grow and experience something new.

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