5 Ways to Make Friends With Your Boyfriend’s Pet


If your boyfriend has a pet, you can be certain that it's important to him. If you and the pet don't get along, it could be bad news for your relationship! It's important to demonstrate that you can be compatible with his pet or he may feel you are incompatible with him as well. Fortunately, even if you aren't an animal-lover, you can still form a decent relationship with your boyfriend's animal. So, take these easy steps to assure his pet will love you:


Most animals enjoy being petted and it demonstrates that you aren't afraid of the pet. This makes petting is a great place to start. You will know the pet is enjoying your attention if he leans towards you as you are petting. Even if you do not like animals very much, forcing yourself to show some love through petting is the a great way to show your boyfriend you care enough to try!


Animals love treats. The pet will actually be excited to see you if she knows that you typically bring treats. You can give a treat upon arrival, or when the pet does something good. Both have their benefits and will show your boyfriend, and the pet, you care. Don't forget about your boyfriend while showing his pet love; bring a (human) treat along for him as well!


Animals love to play. Bring a toy along that is specific to the pet your boyfriend has. Dogs often love chewing toys they can tear apart, while cats love toys they can chase. If you are not sure what toy is best, check out a local pet store or even check out online pet supplies. Both will have many ideas for any type of pet. They can also give you an idea of what type of toy would suit the age and needs of your boyfriend's pet.


Simply bringing a toy around won't always do the trick. Pets want attention, and the more you give it, the more they love you. In fact, most pets will love the person who pays the most attention to them best. Take your boyfriend's dog on a walk, or play catch. If your boyfriend has a cat, let her pounce on an object you are moving around. Be sure to give the pet a friendly and sincere greeting every time you see it. By playing with his pet, you are not just impressing your boyfriend, but you are having fun and maybe even getting some exercise as well!

Be Patient

Every pet is a little different. However, with most animals, letting them initiate the contact is the safest practice. Many animals also do not like direct eye contact and see it as a sign of aggression. Be patient as a pet gets to know you and don't force any type of contact. Let him smell you and get used to him for as long as might be necessary. If the pet feels safe, he will like you more. If the pet likes you more, your boyfriend will be happier!

Next time you go to visit your sweetie, don't forget about his little friend. If he sees how well you get along with his longtime friend, he will be much more likely to see long-term potential in your relationship. Not only are each of these steps simple, but they will bring you and your boyfriend closer together.

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