10 Signs That This Could Lead to Something More

Something More
Something More
Errr? I like you, Jenny!

Man or woman, that's always the question. Whether it's a 2nd date or the 1st kiss. How do you know if it will lead to more? What are the signs? Are there any signs? The answer is yes! Here are some sure fire ways to determine if your dating can/will lead to something more:

  1. During the initial dating stage (5-10 dates/30 days), you talk more than once a day. In fact, you want to begin and end your day with hearing their voice and your day just doesn't seem complete when you don't speak. Now, if you're still waiting to see who calls first after the 1st date, well that might explain it! Jump in!
  2. Your telephone conversations last for 1-4 hours (yes, that can still happen!). And the best part is…you talk about absolutely nothing and everything. Hey, the only real way to get to know someone, is to get into their head. And it ain't gonna happen through osmosis! You have to be willing and able to TALK!
  3. Your “dates” become more and more like endless introductions…… to family, friends, etc. For instance, let's say your invited to be the ‘date' at let's a wedding of a close friend, family member or co-worker. This one is really a no brainer! He/She is serious about you. NO ONE takes ANYONE to a wedding. You have got to past the litmus test!
  4. If there are children, and let's face it, these days, there just may be, he/she initiates an ‘introduction' (even the briefest of introductions are not meaningless). Having said those last 2…….
  5. When you do meet family members or co-workers, they're familiar with who you are (and don't call you by someone else's name, but respond with, “oh, so you're….”). Another, no brainer! You've been talked up!
  6. Dating turns more into hanging out! You know, to watch the game or Kitchen Wars or something! Another no brainer! Point is, the request for your company becomes more and more frequent. And as such…
  7. Hanging out is simply no big deal (the telephone is not off the hook, the cell phone isn't turned off, and he/she doesn't freak out when you leave personal items behind!).
  8. And if someone calls, they answer the phone in your presence and have a conversation, with an admission that you're with them! Like numbers 6 & 7, a true sign of comfortability.
  9. Oh, and speaking of which, it's okay to call/stop by early in the morning or at night. In other words, there are no curfews…anymore! And yes, there's respectability but again a mutual comfortability that flows effortlessly, so much so, that you didn't even notice when you relaxed your ‘rules' (we all have them!).
  10. Last, but certainly not least, throughout this dating thing, you've both shared some very intimate details about your life. About your childhood. Things that can't be seen and that very few others know (and it's not a 1 sided deal).

And here you have it, the next thing you know, you've been tagged, with a label, almost by….osmosis! And this just may….LEAD TO SOMETHING!

Racquel loves to blog about relationships, work/life and everything in between. Read more about her on her blog!

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