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keep impressing a woman

How To Keep Impressing Your Woman

First impressions count. So do second, third, and fourth impressions, if you are fortunate enough to get that far. When your goal is to have a lasting relationship and not simply a wham-bam thank you ma'am evening, then your approach...

/ September 9, 2013
online game dating

How Online Game Can Help You Finding a Date?

There are different types and genres of online games all of which are divided into clusters targeting diverse people with diverse interests. For instance, there are the boy and girl games, time management games, baby games, speed games, action games...

/ August 26, 2013
perfect bachelor pad

How to Design the Perfect Bachelor Pad

Bringing a girl back to your place may seem like the most exciting thing in the world- until she sees what it looks like. The stench of manliness and stacks of pizza boxes may be something to be proud of...

/ August 8, 2013
Something More

10 Signs That This Could Lead to Something More

Man or woman, that's always the question. Whether it's a 2nd date or the 1st kiss. How do you know if it will lead to more? What are the signs? Are there any signs? The answer is yes! Here are...

/ July 5, 2013
Long distance relationships

3 Tips To Maintain Your Love Relationship Even When You Are Oceans Apart

As the world becomes smaller and people move to different locations for work, long distance relationships have become the norm rather than the exception. People today are constantly looking for better employment opportunities and if these opportunities are half-way across...

/ February 9, 2013

I Make Boys Cry: Another Break Up Jerk Story

Let's time travel back to 2000 shall we? I was 19-years-old, dumb and struggling to break up with my high school boyfriend. I had tried to break it off several times, but he refused to accept my offer. And somehow...

/ February 8, 2010