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The Quest for Non Cubicle Clothing and Blank Labels…

So, I've been in the process of going through my wardrobe of clothes lately.  I've been adding things here and there because, well, most of my closet was dominated by work clothes, slacks, button up shirts and suits… I mean, the buttom up shirts aren't too bad and those can be worn going out, but usually with some other layer… But that's just my opinion.  Point being, the stuff that I've been assembling are items that are unique, that I'm not going to see on someone else.  So I went to a shirt maker that one of my friends knows and had him cut up a stencil pattern for me and make a shirt of it, hell, I even made my own shirt… Though, it kind of sucks.  I'll post a pic.  At the end of the day, I just want something that's “me.”

Then, dear Jeni, basically told me to “just do it.”

That brings me to Blank Label Clothing; this site is interesting, if not unique.  They do let you make a custom shirt and the options that are provided are all pretty nifty, actually.  The whole process was good, from start to finish.  Maybe if they had additional views to look at things like the cuffs, or the collar's interior, minor things.  I ordered a shirt from them, actually.  It was kind of an impulse purchase, I realize; but with the options I made, I knew I was going to be happy with the purchase, regardless.  Now I'm just waiting for the shirt to arrive.  Oh joy!

The shop: http://blank-label.com
The Twitter: http://twitter.com/blanklabel

Update 12-24-2009

The good people at Blank Label Clothing are giving a discount to readers of the Urban Dater.  At checkout simply use coupon code ‘urbandater'.  It expires on 12-31-09.  Check it out!

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