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A Body in Motion is a Sexy Body Indeed

hope solo and alex morgan sexy athletes

There I was, sitting with my girlfriend and her brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law, watching the World Cup Finals between USA and Japan. There were women on the TV screen… I sighed to myself internally, for just a bit.Was this going to be the WNBA? I'd rather get punched in the cock than watch a WNBA game. I'm sorry ladies, it just doesn't inspire my interest… However, within seconds, I was totally invested in this game. Perhaps it was all the athleticism on display and the raw skill on the field; perhaps it was all the near misses on goal at the beginning… Or just maybe it was the tall, svelte and sinewy Hope Solo patrolling the American goal net… All I knew is that I had my eyes on the thighs… I mean, on the prize…

Watching these women fight and run and kick, and run some more, and battle and run yet some more was enough to keep my interest. Oh and there is the fact that I'm a bit of a patriot for the country I was born in. Um, yeah. So It got me thinking about what it was about these women that made them so damn sexy and kick ass.

Skill – One of my good buddies and I had a talk a long, long time ago. We were talking about women and talents (don't be a pervert now), the kind of talent that makes a women stand out from the crowd. Maybe she can do five back flips flawlessly, or sing loud enough to destroy plated glass. Whatever the talent is, or smarts or athleticism, it's sexy. A passionate and skilled woman is someone to treasure.

Tall Female Athletes

Go Make Your Own Sandwich – I've long stated that I prefer women making me a sandwich. Part of that comes from a healthy dose of laziness. Though, I tend to think that sandwiches made by someone else always taste better than the ones you make for yourself. However, being smacked down for making such a request is even sexier. I think most men appreciate a woman with the ability to take charge and also say no, while doing it with authority. To date, my woman has made me far fewer sandwiches than I'd envisioned and does so with a authority. It's sorta sexy like that.

Glistening bodies are hot – No, no. I'm not trying to point out the obvious.  A sweat body is a hot body. I'm sure that most people, given a choice, probably wouldn't ‘first pick' a sweaty romp in the sheets. However, I disagree with that. I know that watching a woman who's exerted herself in some way or another is just sexy. It makes them glow, they are pumped and they are intense, seemingly more determined, like they could take down Darth Vader in a knife fight.  That confidence and determination is also sexy.

Bodies in motion are even hotter – See that picture there? That woman (Hope Solo) is lifting what I believe to be a tractor tire (slight exaggeration...) and rolling that freaking thing down the field. I wouldn't fck with her in a dark alley, that's for sure. (I should take this moment to state that I don't make it a habit of fcking with women in dark alleys in the first place. Not only is it a good idea, but I'm pretty sure it's there's a law against terrorizing anyone, regardless of location) Watching my girlfriend workout (which I've been able to do more, now that we're all shacked up and all) is incredibly hot. Again, seeing her determination in slinging weights, getting pumped is incredibly hot. I never really thought about how sexy a pumped body is, good thing I have a live-in reminder.

Does this mean you need to be shredded like David Beckham, or Hope Solo? Nah! Of course not! It does mean it's sexy to get out there and get a good work out going, though. It makes you feel better, sexier and stronger. You know what though? Those feelings carry over to your significant other and they tend to want to tear your clothes off a little more often. So work up a sweat!

True story.

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  1. It's always nice to hear appreciation for a strong, healthy body. I got to see the women's soccer semi-finals a few years ago and was so impressed with the level of athleticism and sportsmanship. On top of that, they do it for love of the sport, not money. A bit sad about the final, but since Japan is my second-favorite country, not too upset. 🙂

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