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Nic and Neely Ask if Men and Women Can be Friends

Dating Market Place
Dating Market Place
LBDs... I am putty for these ladies. The cool thing is they feed me grapes and tell me how wonderful my hair is...

Our good friends over at the Dating Market Place, Nic and Neely, wrote up a post on that ever popular question: Can Men and Women be “just friends?” At the Urban Dater, Taylor and I have beat that question to death like a motivated hooker doped up on speed giving a handy to a guy while knowing the cops are making the rounds on her corner.

The post covers our take on the subject and actually explores a bit more about Taylor and I before the Urban Dater… Go check out their article and get hot and bothered by their Facebook page… I do. 😉 Besides, you did see their little black dresses, right? Rumor has it they did that just for me.

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