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dress for the date
dress for the date

I'm reminded of a date I went on many moons ago with a gal who showed up wearing flip flops and a hoodie. Yes!  A woman did that! Normally this is the sort of thing that us guys are prone to do. Long story short, it didn't stop me from sleeping with her the first night. So it was, indeed, a good time…

That said, you still can't be a douche and go out in public looking like you just rolled out of bed after an 18 hour nap. What the hell, people. We need to learn how to dress for the date, y'all.

Now, I do try to take care of what I look like when I'm out and about. Over the last year I've lost a chunk of weight, so I've had to ditch some clothes in the process. However, that purge has also left me with less clothing options… So, needless, to say when I've been out on recent dates I've kinda looked like a turd. I'm not sporting a hoodie… but I didn't really have much that could help. Or so I thought…

Enter Jennifer Kelton (don't be a pervert now), of Bad Online Dates, which is a fabulous site about dating horror stories from the trenches. Jen is a peach, a doll and my future wife if she ever lifts that restraining order. Jen reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in piloting her dress for the date offering she's doing. Naturally I did and I'm glad.

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We had our session over the Skype and I was a bit worried. I didn't have anything I could put together for her. Or so I thought. She began asking me things about my personal style, what people I looked toward style-wise. She began telling me things she thought I might look good wearing; then she started asking if I had certain types of clothing… Turns out I did. A blazer, a couple types of shirts, a tie, some dark jeans… I hadn't thought to put together the combinations of stuff she mentioned. I looked GOOD! For once in my life, I didn't look like a goddamned asshole.

I think the thing that I find compelling about Jen's Dress for the Date service is that she is, first and foremost,  a lover of fashion; so she knows what looks good. Secondly, she's been there, dating-wise. She knows and has seen many of the pitfalls the men who sloppily put themselves together on a date. Plus she has an understanding of what looks good on a guy just by having a look at him and getting a sense of his personality and his tastes all by askin ga few questions. She knows what's up.

I recommend Dress for the Date for any guy who's getting out there in the dating game and is unsure of how to put himself together. I'd also recommend this for fellas just getting back into the game after a long layoff. But I think any guy can benefit from Jen's insights. It doesn't have to be a long consultation either; I could see just bouncing ideas off her just to see what she thinks about your outfit and the kind of date you're going on.

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