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5 Reasons Your Emails Are Scaring Women Off

Image from: http://www.valleymagazinepsu.com/
Image from: http://www.valleymagazinepsu.com/

Are women not responding to your emails?  While this may be attributed to a whole variety of circumstances, often times the problems can be located within the emailing process.

Many men make similar mistakes in their emails that make them appear as if they are over-eager to meet someone.  Acting over-eager will only have one end-result; scaring women off.  So we need to make sure we avoid doing so at all costs if we want to find success online.

The following list contains five mistakes that you may be making to unintentionally scare women off:

1.  Stating how perfect you both are for each other.

I get it.  On paper you have everything in common.  But the truth is, just about every one online is an “eighty five percent match” or higher according to those silly personality tests.

Telling women over an email that you are a perfect match for each other comes across as desperate and over-bearing.  Wait until you have at least tested the real life chemistry before making comments such as these.

2.  Acting like a fan.

Your emails should not be filled with compliment after compliment; acting is if this woman is the greatest person you have ever come across.  This is not attractive to women in the slightest bit.  Keep the playing field level, and act is if you are someone trying to build a genuine connection, not someone who is going to eternally kiss the ground she walks on.

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