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Picture Perfect: Your Online Profile Needs


In the days of dating yore, what you saw was what you got. A cute girl at the grocery store? A stunning guy in line at the coffee shop? Once you mustered up the gumption to ask that attractive individual out the only potential surprises were personality-based.

And while that’s a world of fun all on its own, the digital age in which we live has added another facet of surprise to the dating game: physical surprise.

The majority of us have turned to one form of online dating or another. Some jump in feet first, signing up for multiple sites and spending hours poring over profile perfection and sending detail correspondences to potential dates; while others just click through a few profiles, send a half-hearted, “Hey, what’s up?” then call it a night.

The motivation for moving your dating pursuits online is highly individualized, but reasons include:

·         A work schedule too busy for bar hopping

·         Social anxiety or shyness

·         A need to preview the selection before committing

·         And so on

Put Your Real Foot Forward

Whatever your reason for getting online to find romance, the first thing to keep in mind is you.

And that’s why a high-quality profile picture is the key to a great online dating profile.

Finding love starts with being happy with yourself, and being happy with yourself can’t happen without accepting who you are. If you read up on any diet and exercise plans like, for instance, the Diet Solution Program reviews of happy, healthy people who found that losing weight alone wasn't what made them feel great about themselves; themselves is what made them feel great.

So when you endeavor to capture yourself in a picture for a dating profile, first and foremost, be realistic. No Photoshop. No awkward angles. No blurry, partial pictures. Remember, your aim is to draw people in to you, not someone who looks a little like you.

Picture Your Passion

Love horses? Huge baseball fan? Have a giant collection of Beanie Babies? No matter how eccentric your interests may be, an awesome profile picture will in one way or another capture them.

A picture of a person doesn't tell very much, but a picture of a person holding up their prized collection of Johnny Cash records, or showcasing their archery trophies, gives insight into who that person is, what they’re passionate about, and what they like.

Put On A Happy Face

Smiling is a given. Everyone looks best when they smile, so just do it. But don’t just flash a  grin and pose like a high school yearbook photo—have fun with yourself.  Make a silly face, put on a goofy hat, or snap a shot with the mascot from your favorite sports team.

When looking for a partner, almost all of us want someone we can have fun with. Even the weight loss program the Truth About Six Pack Abs reviews states that attraction isn't just physical; we’re attracted to people’s personalities, and way that they carry themselves too—perhaps even more strongly than we are to their bodies.

A profile picture that shows your fun, wild and wacky sides is a lot more likely to attract people you’re actually interested in spending time with.

Don’t Be Risqué

Especially for women, the temptation to post sexy, alluring photos on a dating profile can be hard to resist. And while physical attraction is important, it’s also very dangerous.

Remember, what you post online is there forever. Sure, your profile is private, but you should still never post or say anything you wouldn't want your boss, family, children or friends to stumble upon.

In addition to that, lurid photos tend to attract the wrong type of suitors. I know, I know, “I get it, Dad!” But it’s a very important thing to keep in mind, and bears repeating.

Privacy Is Classy

Most sites will allow you to post multiple, sometimes unlimited, photos.


Two or three classy, fun shots of yourself—ranging from full-body (a picture next to your pet horse, or at the beach with a surfboard) to head shots only, and maybe a silly (but classy!) picture of you from New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day will suffice.

Half of the in dating is getting to know someone, so leaving a bit to be desired in your profile photos is a mark in your favor.

Show just enough to say, “This is who I am,” but leave enough undiscovered that potentials matches think, “I want to know more!”


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About Dr. Mike Tremba

Dr Mike is a writer, publisher, and of course, past (pre-marriage) dater. He can usually be found on the great beaches of Southern Alabama, or somewhere outside getting exercise. Through the failures he's had (as well as the successes), he loves sharing his tips on making life more enjoyable.

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