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Men's Designer Clothing Giveaway.

Hey party people!  Yep!  I have a give away, too!  So the good people at Blank Label Clothing have offered me a custom designed shirt deal for one of our lucky readers.  I know, it's pretty cool.  I've purchased a shirt from these guys recently, let me say that I'm happy with their product.  So definitely check them out.

Like I said, it's a custom men's dress shirt and has many stylish options to choose from.  A custom blank label shirt makes a great addition to a guy's wardrobe and also makes for a great gift (you reading this ladies?)

The rules are simple.  Simply leave a comment the Urban Dater.  All comments will be tallied up on February 8th, with a winner being chosen on February 9th and announced on this blog.  I'm not going to get technical with the rules or anything, but, really, I don't want to see 100 comments from the same person on every single post.  So the number of comments per email address is limited to five.  So five comments per entrant will be counted, that's five chances to win, sucka MCs. =)

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  1. All RIGHT. Here's my entry comment: "Shirt on the 'net, shirt on the 'net. You're lookin' like a fool witcha shirt on the 'net."

  2. You asked for a Wicker Man line. Here you go:

    "Have you seen what she's drawn? Under her desk? It's… pretty disturbing."

    I'll let those who haven't seen it allow their imaginations to run wild.

  3. I think that clothing lines for men, in general, provide way more bang for the buck. And it's great that more labels are getting into the game.

    Every knows that girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man.

  4. Just to clarify, peeps, you don't have to comment on just this post. All comments on any post will be counted. Up to five per user. =)

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