The Fine Line Between Masculine Sexual Dominance & Misogyny.

This fine line can only be drawn by the 2 people (or however many) involved. Period.

Male sexual dominance and misogyny are not mutually exclusive.

When a couple enjoys to have unadulterated rough sex, it does not mean they hate each other or like to see the other get hurt.  In fact, most healthy couples who enjoy being subdued love each other very much and have set up clear communication on how to signal their limits.

Also, I would like to note that the usage of certain words is also relative to the sender/receiver.  Some people enjoy being called a slut or a whore, to those people it's just like being called a “dirty girl”.   We are the ones who give words meanings.  To me slut just sounds so good.  When it's used, I know it's not because they love me any less, but because they know I like hearing it and it gets me off, and especially wet.

The BDSM world can teach us volumes on much of this. One of my favorite new networking discoveries is What I love about this site is the ability to meet like minded people who have plenty of experience ranging from what the average person would consider light fetishes to fetishes you may not have ever heard of! I’ll bare you the details for now in the hopes your curiosity will lead you there immediately.

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