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Tips for Exploring a Foot Fetish Together

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Fetishes and fantasies range from common and typical to more rare, obscure, and even taboo. However, research suggests that typical fantasies are shared by 84% of people and often surround power dynamics, control, and rough sex. These fantasy scenarios involve everything from handcuffs and blindfolds to hot wax and roleplay.

Foot fetishes are also fairly common, with 1 in 7 people admitting to fantasizing about or being sexually aroused by feet. When you take a closer look at the power dynamic surrounding foot worship, it makes sense that this naughty fantasy ranks near the top. The fact that foot fetishes are commonplace might also make it easier for you and your significant other to explore your naughty needs together.

In this article, you’ll find tips for incorporating your foot fetish into your sexual routine and getting your partner on board.

Do I even have a foot fetish?

So, what exactly is a foot fetish, and how do you know if you have one? To put it simply, this type of fetish is characterized by sexual interest and attraction to feet. It includes everything from toes and heels to ankles. Some people prefer men’s or women’s feet, dirty feet, feet in certain types of shoes, or feet decorated with other accessories like jewelry and tattoos. You may be turned on by getting your feet massaged, worshiping someone else’s feet, or even having your genitals stimulated with someone else’s foot (think touching and rubbing with bare feet). If you find yourself giving your partner’s tootsies a little extra TLC for your own sexual gratification, you may very well have a foot fetish. 

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How do I tell my partner about my foot fetish? 

Speaking of your partner, you may be wondering how to share this newfound knowledge with your significant other. There are a few ways to go about this, depending on the type of relationship.

For starters, communicating your sexual needs and desires is essential for any relationship and helps build trust and intimacy. You shouldn’t be afraid to share your sexual needs with your partner but know that they may not react the way you want them to. In some cases, two people are turned on by the same thing, or one person is willing to experiment or try something new to satisfy their other half. But there’s also the occasion where your fetish or sexual interest might turn them off or make them uncomfortable. This is simply a reality you need to face and accept before opening up about your foot fetish. 

There are a few ways you can broach this subject with your partner. The most direct route would be just to come out and say it. If you have an open, honest relationship, it shouldn’t be too hard to tell your lover that the sight, smell, touch, and maybe even taste of toes turn you on. You can also start by asking them what their fantasies are or if there’s anything new or different they’d like to try in bed. This opens the lines of communication and the door for you to divulge your secret pleasure. You can also slowly start to incorporate feet into your sexual routine. Massage their feet, suck their toes, or let them rub their feet on your most sensitive areas. If you ask for it, and they oblige, chances are they won’t be caught off guard when you open up about your foot fascination. 

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Creative ways to explore a foot fetish behind closed doors

Now that your foot fetish is out in the open, you and your lover can start experimenting with different activities that involve feet (within their comfort level, of course). From mild baby steps (no pun intended) to full-blown foot worship and bondage, here are a few creative suggestions for foot play behind closed doors.

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Everyone loves a good body rub, so why not start at the feet? Take turns giving each other foot massages. Use massage oil or lotion for a more pleasurable experience. You can also use edible products to lick your partner clean once you’re done. Chances are, your significant other won’t turn down a relaxing foot rub that brings you both pleasure.

Foot Worship and Bondage 

Foot massage can quickly develop into foot worship or bondage, depending on how intense your fetish is and your partner’s willingness to experiment. Because fetishes surrounding control and dominance are most popular, it’s no surprise that some foot lovers get off on being manhandled and pushed around by their partner’s feet. Ask your partner if you can worship the ground they walk on – literally. Grovel at their feet. Kiss and caress their toes, heels, and ankles. Some people even like to be pushed around or humiliated. You can also dabble in foot bondage if your partner is comfortable having their feet tied and bound using rope, ankle cuffs, or other restraints. 

Shoe Shopping (and accessories)

If there was ever a good excuse to expand your shoe collection, this just might be it! Countless people with foot fetishes love looking at beautiful feet in beautiful footwear. This includes everything from high heels and boots to sneakers and even socks and pantyhose. Accessories like ankle bracelets and toe rings are also standard in the foot fetish world. That’s one reason why websites like Fun With Feet are so popular! They showcase thousands of photos of people’s feet in different footwear and accessories to appeal to every desire and preference. 

Ask your significant other to model for you if you have a foot fetish. Have them try on their sexiest pair of shoes, tallest boots, or cutest pair of sneakers. If socks or stockings turn you on, buy them a few pairs as a gift. They can thank you by trying them on for you or coming to bed wearing nothing but their new foot accessories.

Foot Stimulation

The feet are another extremity of the body that can bring a lot of pleasure during sex. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the human foot which means you may unlock an unknown erogenous zone for both of you during sex play. Ask your partner to touch you in various places using their bare feet. The skin-on-skin contact alone can be highly erotic and stimulating. The soft, smooth skin of their feet against your own sensitive skin is also an act of intimacy. Depending on your sensitivity and technique, you and your partner may be able to get each other off using little more than your feet and a little creativity! 

Always Communicate Your Sexual Needs and Desires

There’s no shame in sharing your hidden desires and fantasies with your partner – including your foot fetish. It’s the basis for a healthy, intimate relationship. Just know that the same things as you might not turn on your significant other. But that doesn’t mean that, together, you can’t explore and experiment in ways that are satisfying for you both. 

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