Fashion Advice for Men to Get Laid in The Sultry Summers

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There are so many good things about the breezy, sultry summer. From pool or beach parties to drinking a cold pilsner on hot afternoons, there is no dearth of activities during the warmer months. This also means a lot of hot girls flashing their heart-wrenching bronzed leg. In short, it’s a perfect time to get laid on your first date. But amid so many good things there has to be a villain. And in this case, dressing for the laid-back summer vibe can be a total pain in the ass, more so when it is sweltering hot.

But before we discuss any further about what to wear to get ‘lucky’ on your first date, there are a few basic things you need to consider. You must be groomed, freshly showered and in nice clean clothes. There is no breaking of this rule.

The Big Question

What to wear on a sultry summer date? Of course not your tight dress shirt and coat/blazer combo with a scarf, no matter how sexy you look in them. But on warmer days, they are not the most comfortable options and you will end up sweating like you’re in a sauna. Then again, wearing shorts for a date is no option unless you want to look unflattering and lame.

But don’t be disheartened. There are several options to explore that will help you to highlight the oomph factor, the raw sexual appeal in you to make women go weak on their knees, without appearing try-hard.

Wear the Right Colors

This is the first rule when dressing in spring and summer, especially during daytime. Irrespective of the clothing or style you choose, keep colors to a minimum in the warmer months. Forget your dark jeans, black T-shirt and black boots for a few months and stick to summer colors. That being said, you can still wear your black slim fit jeans at night but for daytime stick to pastel shades, brighter colors and white, especially white.

Bright colors are attention grabbing and are great options when you want to look more adventurous, exciting and fun. The best part about wearing brighter shades like light blue, pink or light brown is that your frame looks visually bigger, a great style hack for skinny guys. Also, bright and bold colors are very dominating. They make you look more masculine. Yes, even a pink T-shirt can make you look alpha if you have a muscular frame and can wear the proper body language.

Source:  http://blog.trashness.com
Source: http://blog.trashness.com

The Golden Rule: Never overdo it with colors. A rule of thumb is to select one main color for your attire and compliment it with addition one or two colors to look complete and put together.

If Going for Buttoned Shirts…

Buttoned shirts are great; they look flattering on almost all male physiques. But the only issue with them is that they will make you sweat profusely. The biggest offenders are polyester shirts or those made from synthetic fibers.

This hardly means you have to forget your buttoned shirts during the warmer months. All you need to do is stay away from your all-synthetic shirts. Another rule of thumb is to avoid wearing shirts with thick fabrics. They are suitable options for autumn and winter, not for hot summer days. For this sultry season the light, thin and comfortable linen shirts work the best. Also, opt for custom tailored shirts that compliment your body shape and are made your size.

Men's Shirts

If you are still sweating, don’t be afraid to open another button and don’t worry about looking try-hard as it is perfectly acceptable in summer months. It is therefore no need to shy away from keeping three buttons open on a date night. This will not only allow enough space for the heat to get out, we bet your girl can't help but notice your exposed skin for all the right reasons. Then again, don’t let your body hair run amok as exposed body hair can sometime be a big turn–off.

Another tip to fight the scotching heat is to opt for a slightly looser shirt. It will help to stay cool. But whatever you do, stick to a linen shirt. It not only helps you to fight the heat but also works best to create a sexy, laid-back look.

T-Shirts Look Cool in Summer

T-shirts, for many guys are staple clothes for summer. You can opt for either V-necks or regular cut, although V-necks look sexier.

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However, there are a few things to consider when wearing tees for a date.

  • Plain tees look best on men with a great physique.
  • If selecting a neutral color, accessorize it with proper outerwear such as a blazer or a leather jacket.
  • V-neck T-shirts are great option if you want to draw her attention to your neck and shoulders.
  • Although elaborate patterns on tees look sexy, they are usually difficult to pull off
  • When wearing printed or patterned tees, keep everything else plain and simple

Your Choice for Pants & Jeans

Although slim-fits are popular and flattering, they have the same issues as tight shirts. They are uncomfortable and will get sweaty very soon, no matter how sexy you look on them. You should there avoid slim-fits, especially if you think there are chances of getting “lucky” on your first date.

Then again, we are not asking you to go all baggy; the trend is dead for long now. You need to find the right fit. The rule of thumb is to opt for pants and jeans that firmly mold around your thighs and buttock. And the area surrounding your calves must have some extra fabric for ventilating heat.

For colors, make sure you have at least a pair of white linen pants and a pair of light blue jeans for daytime wear. For night, your old, sexy slim-fit black jeans will suffice.

Many men prefer shorts during summer. Though there is nothing fundamentally wrong with them and there are examples of men looking irresistibly sexy in shorts, not all men can get away with them.

Shorts look hot especially on the beach, while playing sports and camping but it requires a great physique (particularly magnificent legs) to look good in them. Our advice is therefore to play safe and avoid them if you want to look sexy.


By now, you probably have a clear idea about how to dress for a date in a hot summer day and get laid without trying ‘hard’. Remember when it comes to look on point in the sultry summers less is always more. So keep your look minimal, albeit interesting. Never compromise your comfort in order to look sexy and masculine.

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