The Worst Gifts Ever – A Fantasy Wishlist for Your Significant Other


We’ve all heard the horror stories. Heck, we’ve all had it happen to us! Giving a last minute or ill-thought-out gift is a common trait among couples. Many times, the ignorance is obvious to everyone – except the gifting person. Don’t be the guy who buys his wife the gun or bowling ball (or) the woman that buys herself a fancy new, expensive gadget (i.e. iPad, etc.) only to give her husband the old, and busted one.

Romance doesn’t equal thoughtlessness. However you feel about your gift giving choices, think again. Don’t be the person that gives the cheapest, most inappropriate or just plain bizarre gifts. Significant others everywhere are speaking up because they still can’t believe the level their partners have stooped to over the years.  It’s the thought that counts so make it count! Think about the person you love and what they’d appreciate. While your heart may be in the right place, keep in mind that if it clutters your home, makes your partner feel guilty for throwing it away, or has hidden costs well then you might want to rethink your gifting abilities. Finding the perfect gift can be stressful. Don’t add injury to insult. To help ease the burden, let’s take a look at the top five worst gifts to bestow upon your loved one followed by a little first aid in the gift giving department…

#1 Self-help books
Seriously? Nothing says I love you like “there’s something wrong with you.”

#2 Air Fresheners
You might as well just say – “Your house smells.”

#3 Scales
You’ve really got something against this person don’t you? Why not remind them daily with how fat you think they are…

#4 Exercise Equipment
NO ONE asks for a shake weight or leg master ultra for Christmas. If they do, their lying. Not only can these gifts be expensive but 99% of them NEVER get used and end up taking up space in the back of the closet or lost in the garage.

#5 Animals
While everyone loves puppies and kittens, the problem is they grow up. The sad thing about gifting animals is that many times, people can’t keep them, and pets find themselves at the pound.

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On top of everything, don’t give a present that you’ve clearly purchased for yourself. In order to give a good gift, it’s also important not to overthink it. When contemplating gift ideas, if you have absolutely no idea what to give someone, take them out instead! Everyone likes a free lunch/dinner. Find out what their favorite restaurant is, and treat them to a nice sit down surprise.

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