5 Profile Red Flags

profile red flags
Put a damn shirt on, you putz!

So you met a girl online, went on a first date  and it didn’t work out?  You left the date scratching your head, wondering how you ever got yourself into this mess to begin with.  Sometimes this is of no fault of our own.  But other times, the signs were all there; you just weren’t paying attention to the clues.

If we want to avoid having bad dates, then it is very important to look for the signs that these women are not as great as they seem to be.  Often times, the best place to look is in the written portion of the online dating profile.

The following list contains five red flags that you should be on the look out for when reading a woman’s profile:

1.  The profile is extremely short.

Women online who are the most beautiful are often guilty of this cardinal sin.  They know that they are hot, and feel that they don’t have to take the effort to prove themselves online because they will receive hundreds of messages no matter what.  This is a red flag.  The overly short profile reveals that these women may be online for all the wrong reasons.  They could be gold digging, not taking it seriously, or just on these sites for self-esteem boosts.  Whatever the case, women who are serious about meeting someone special take the time to write a decent amount.  Skip these short profiles, no matter how cute the women may be.

2.  Profiles that are overly negative.

When their profiles list everything that they are not looking for in a man, as opposed to everything they are looking for, it is time to move on to the next profile. This red flag reveals that they are either chronic complainers, have been screwed up by relationships in the past, or are jaded serial daters that have been on one too many dates.  Regardless of the reason, the outcome is never good.

3.  They talk about wanting “nice things.”

Women who state in their profiles that they like to be treated very “nicely” on dates and want “nice things,” are not out for love, they are out for money.  Sure all girls want nice things.  But this is not something that should be written in a profile.  Leave these gold diggers behind for some other unlucky sucker.   But don’t be that guy.

4.  They don’t like “talking about themselves.”

This is another variation of the shortened profile.  Many women don’t fill out a profile, and claim that the reason is because they don’t like talking about themselves.  This is non-sense.  It is just an excuse to be lazy.  But more importantly, it reveals that they may not just be lazy online, but lazy and selfish in real life as well.

5.  The overly long profile.

Just as the overly short profile is a bad sign, the overly long profile also can reveal a lot of red flags about women.  When females tell their entire life story in a profile, they may be women who are looking “too hard” for love, and have a lot of baggage that they are carrying with them.  While this is not always the case, try to gage the situation and make an informed decision.

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