7 Tips For Reviving Your Confidence This New Year

confidence in the new year
confidence in the new year
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For those of us who didn’t have much success with online dating in 2012, The New Year is the perfect time to start over and get our dating lives back in order. While many of us have different weaknesses in our dating lives that we need to work on, perhaps the best place to start is with self-confidence. Without being in the right state of mind, everything else suffers. So here are seven tips for reviving your confidence this New Year:

1. Remove the bad from your life.

Many studies show that when we surround ourselves with negative people, we in turn become increasingly negative. Those who surround us on a daily basis can have a powerful effect on how we feel mentally. So remove the bad from your life, and keep yourself surrounded by positive people.

2. Clean up your diet.

This may seem like a strange tip for an article on dating, but its not. As the old saying goes, we are what we eat. Eating a cleaner and healthier diet will not only have us looking better, but feeling better mentally as well.

3. Work out for 45 minutes per day.

Exercising daily releases powerful endorphins that will chemically put us in positive states of mind. A little exercise can go a long way towards bringing back that confidence.

4. Talk to several random strangers per day.

Many people fail at dating because they are not comfortable with face-to-face interactions when meeting someone for the first time. Nerves on a first date can make us talk too fast, have diarrhea of the mouth, cause us to sweat profusely, or any number of other negative side effects. The best way to combat this is by becoming comfortable talking to anyone. Saying something random to a few strangers a day will help our confidence levels increase with all the interactions we have, both in the dating world, and in our daily lives as well.

5. Buy a new set of clothes.

Wearing clothes that flatter our bodies will have us feeling like new people and sending confidence levels to new heights. Buy some clothes that me you feel good, and reap the rewards of feeling fresh and better than ever on your first date.

6. Only pursue true potential matches.

With online dating, too many men and women pursue members of the opposite sex that are not good matches at all. There are simply too many options out there. Then when our dates don’t work out, we wind up getting down in ourselves, even though we should have known that we never had a good shot to begin with. Avoid these inevitable failures by only dating people who seem like they have a good chance a being a match. This will increase the success rates, and in turn, the confidence that is built up from date to date.

7. Develop your passions.

If we become great, we will in turn feel great. We need to work on your passions and become more interesting person overall. The more we improve ourselves, the more we will feel as if we have something great to offer somebody else.

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  1. Love this post, Joshua! When you’re talking about confidence and dating tips so many guys forget how important buying new clothes is. Talking to random people is something that I recommend on my own site so it was refreshing to see it as a way to build confidence here too. This is actually recommended in a lot of dating products like Tao of Badass, Pandora’s Box and The Daygame Blueprint so you got it right on the money. How about a post on approaching women as a follow up?

  2. I agree, developing your confidence is really important. You need confidence to talk to other people or improving your career. Confidence also the key to have a successful date.

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