The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating. 10 Tips For First Date Success


First dates are not easy.  Especially for men.  With women having so many more options than they ever did in the past, and shorter attention spans to top it off, is it more important than ever to bring our “A” game to first dates every single time if we wish to progress towards that pivotal second date.  So lets get right down to business and discuss ten dating do’s and don’ts that you should be taking into account when meeting for the first time.

1.  Don’t spend a lot of money.

Men who spend a lot of money on a first date are often perceived as desperate and trying too hard.  First dates are all about deciding whether or not you want to get to know somebody further.  Save the big money for the second date.

2.  Do get a little creative.

While we don’t want to break the bank open, we do want to get a little creative with our planning.  Try to find a fun activity at an affordable price.  This not only provides a little bit of entertainment, but takes away from the typical first date boredom of grabbing drinks and dinner that most women have to experience over and over.

3.  Don’t talk too much.

First dates should be a give and take.  Nobody wants to be talked at, nor do they want to hear how great we are for an hour.  Split the talking and listening time to a fairly even playing field.

4.  Do keep your body language under control.

Body language is a window into what we are feeling on the inside.  By fidgeting, not sitting up straight, and avoiding eye contact, we are sending the signals that we are nervous guys who are insecure about ourselves.  Confidence is everything to a woman, so do what you have to do to keep the body language the way it should be.

5.  Don’t ask to split the bill.

If a woman offers to buy a round of drinks, that is fine.  If she insists on paying for something small during the course of the date, that is fine as well.  But never ask a woman to split the bill on the first night out.  This is where old school chivalry must remain alive.

6.  Do use a lot of humor.

The ability to make a woman laugh is one of the most attractive qualities a man can possess. Laughter is the key to being remembered and thought about long after the date is over.

7.  Don’t be a pushover.

Women do not respect men who let them make every single decision, and take control of every situation.  Being a nice guy with a backbone is good.  Being a doormat is not.  Make sure you draw the line between the two.

8.  Do make sure you touch a date.

A little physical contact is not only a good thing, but is critical towards being seen as someone who is more than just a friend.  Just make sure that the touches on a first date are innocent.  There should be no heavy petting involved.

9.  Don’t force a first kiss.

If the first kiss happens, great.  But don’t force it.  An awkward goodbye with a forced kiss, or even worse, a rejected kiss, can destroy an otherwise perfect evening.

10.  Do keep the conversation on the light side.

Talking about serious issues, past relationships, and politics are topics that should be left out of a first date.  Keep the conversation light, and stick to just getting to know someone on a light and fun level.

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  1. These are great tips for both men and women. The “don’t talk too much” tip is probably the most important. Everyone wants to feel like the other person is interested in them, so a balanced back and forth is crucial to making both people feel good about the date.

  2. Excellent advice for both men and women.I think your first item on the list is really important. You don’t want to spend too much for something that possibly won’t work out in the first place. Thanks Josh

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