3 Resolutions To Replace The One’s You Already Broke

broken new year resolutions
broken new year resolutions

So 2013 is well on its way and many of us have already broken the New Year’s Resolutions we swore we would keep.  Even though it is natural for some of us to get down on ourselves, this is bound to happen when making resolutions that are unrealistic and too broad in scope.   Instead, let’s try to simplify our resolutions a bit by replacing them with ones that we are simpler, more realistic, and easier to keep.

Here are three resolutions that you can trade with the ones that were previously made:

Original Resolution:  To lose ten or more pounds.

Replacement Resolution: Cut out one part of your diet every week.

Each year, countless men and women make the resolution of losing weight in order to improve their dating lives.  Although this is a worthwhile effort, the problem is, going cold turkey on a diet rarely works for anyone.  The weight may come off quickly, but as soon as the cravings begin to kick in again, and they will, the pounds will pack back on in the blink of an eye.

Instead, try cutting out one part of your diet per week.  For example, making small sacrifices such as giving up soda, or limiting oneself to one glass of juice per day, will shed many pounds in its own right over time.  As each week passes by, make one more small sacrifice, such as one less cookie per day, etc.  Before you know it, these gradual changes will feel like a natural part of your lifestyle and will ultimately go unnoticed.

Original Resolution:  To stop serial dating and focus more on finding “the one.”

Replacement Resolution:  Date each person you meet twice.

Many of us went through 2012 trapped in that endless quest to find the perfect partner online.  The problem is, this endless quest turns millions of people into unsatisfied serial daters, addicted to the process of looking for that next best thing.

Although many of you may have already gotten more serious about finding the one in 2013, take that extra step out of the bottomless pit of serial dating by going out with each person you date a minimum of two times, pending the first date is mildly entertaining.  While this might not seem appealing to many of you online daters out there, it will force you to get to know people on a more than just a superficial level, and may just help to break that serial dating addiction.

Original Resolution:  To improve ones dating skills.

Replacement Resolution:  Become an overall more interesting person.

Many people make resolutions with the bold declaration that this will be the year in which they shed all their bad dating habits, self-reflect, and finally become more attractive to the opposite sex.  While this is a worthwhile effort, it is too large a step.

Instead, start small by finding ways to become a more interesting person overall.  Find new hobbies.  Read new books.  Explore new passions.  Often times the people we date aren’t interested in us because we just aren’t that interesting!  By becoming more interesting people, we will become more attractive, and consequently, will have more success with dating and relationships.

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