The Bad Profile Pictures on Tinder

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If you’ve been separated from modern society the past few months, Tinder is a new app from the creators of Grindr, a famous hookup app for members of the LGBTQ community.  You can swipe through mini-profiles of people in your area.  Swipe right and a green “LIKE” stamps the displayed profile.  Swipe left and a red “NOPE” stamps the displayed profile. You can only message a person that has liked you also. Since it’s essentially a photo-based app, pictures are the most important part of any profile.  It’s okay if you’re just a regular guy, but some guys’ pictures on Tinder look as if they were purposely taken to repel girls!  Check and make sure you’re not accidentally one of THESE GUYS with bad profile pictures!

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  1. Shirtless

Are you a gym rat? It’s great to be in-shape, but do you really just want to show-off your body in EVERY picture, like you’re brainless? I’m surprised you have time to date anyone with the amount of time you spend admiring that Greek god-like body of yours.  Please try to wear a sleeved shirt in at least one of your photos.

  1. Selfie

The selfie is a difficult subject. I know that you may not have friends to take your picture, or that you may only want to show your face from the perfect angle. But come on.  If you’re going to attempt a selfie, make sure it looks natural.

It’s all about subtlety.  We’re going to notice if you’re stretching your arm and giving a fake smile with your cell phone, or holding your phone in your lap, and looking down to take a photo.  Even worse is a guy standing in front of a mirror, smiling with his phone in his hand!  That’s not cool.

  1. dorky guy, dorky face, bad profile pics, bad profile pictures, how to take a profile pictureDuck face

I don’t want to go into details.  No matter how good your cheekbones look, unless you’re a teenage girl, the duck face is inappropriate.

  1. Group pictures

I’ve heard that if there are two guys in a profile picture, the picture belongs to the ugly one.  In my experience, this is true.  This also applies to girls.  It’s okay to have pictures with friends (do they even agree to being exposed on some dating app?), but definitely not as your first picture.  Choose a picture where you’re by yourself

  1. Boyband-like

I hate when guys make cute faces. Don’t try to look like Justin Bieber. Don’t give some look like you’re Derek Zoolander.  Unless you’re in a boyband, choose pictures with natural facial expressions.

  1. A clown

Show us you have a sense of humor.  But keep in mind there’s a difference between looking like a fun guy and looking like a jackass.  Grabbing statues’ private parts and flipping the camera off in every picture will get you swiped LEFT.

  1. Childhood photos

You’d be surprised how many guys do this.  I guess they think childhood photos and puppy pictures are they way to a girl’s heart.  Okay.  But if the next picture shows a fat guy with a beard it can have the opposite effect.  Pictures should have some continuity. You are telling a sort of story.  Make sure your pictures show who you are.

  1. Sunglasses

Maybe you’re going for that mysterious James Bond look.  But if sunglasses cover your face in every picture she’ll think:  ‘this guy’s probably unattractive.  LEFT!’

  1. Snowboarder

Oh, you were in Tahoe over the holiday? Nice picture with you and the board.  And again!  Dude, I got it; you’re a well-traveled sporty type.  Nice.  Do you really have to show us with every picture?  Athletic pictures are fine, but make sure you have some without goggles, a huge jacket and scarf.  We really want to see your face and body shape.

10. With other girls

 Don't use photos showing you hugging or kissing other girls.  This should be obvious, but apparently it’s not.  Maybe you’re trying to show us that other girls are attracted to you.  It doesn’t work.  Stick to “friend” pictures or those that display interesting sides of your personality.  We want to learn about you, not about someone you’ve been with.

If you don’t have any of these type pictures on your profile, that’s great.  To learn how to maximize your number of matches and get the girls you want check out Tinder Dating Tips: The Definitive Script For Picking Up Girls On Tinder.

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