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Get knowledge dumped upon your face! You silly little goose! I don't pay too much attention, I did when they purchased OkCupid last year. Otherwise is the girl with big knockers who wears sweaters all the time. I mean, you're curious because she may have some wonderful tits. On the other hand, she might have Chewbacca like body hair under that sweater. Ew!

But I took notice of Match this past week when they did a Singles event in NYC ( presents Singles in America) where they'd share some research conducted by their in-resident researcher, smoking hot Dr. Helen Fisher. I'm not gonna lie, I'd tap that ass… Well, maybe not, but I'm lonely these days I frankly don't give a sh*t where I get it now, though, I suspect Dr. Fisher would rather get the ‘Piggy' treatment, from ‘Lord of the Flies' than do the McNasty with me, but I digress.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, drink more, or just watch the YouTube vid below:

As you might expect, Dr. Silky Boobs was dropping some fat stacks of information, you. The non-Jesse explanation would be: “She was talking about some cool ass dating stats, alright?”

One stat that was a total “Yeah, I could told all y'all bitches that!” Was that 42% of men who receive a sext from a woman, share it with their bros. Um. Fucking duh! I get titties on my phone, it's up to me, as a man, to share it with the whole world. Why do you think the telegraph was invented. Idiots!

Along with that there are other stats about how marrieds not only think about doing the Shasta McNasty more often than us single folk do, but they orgasm more as well. Lame. It's not like I didn't already feel shitty as a singleton, now I got telling me why I suck… From a scientific perspective… Sigh.

Anyway, it's definitely worth checking out when you get a chance! Get your learn on, fools!

Visit for more info from this years Singles in America study.



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