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12 Types of Profile Pics You’ll See On Tinder

You’re scrolling through Tinder. Swipe left. Left, Left, Left. And then Right! What made you swipe right? It’s probably because something about their profile picture spoke to you. These are the 12 types of profile pictures you’ll often see on Tinder and these are the tips (or lack thereof) of what to do about them.

1. The Selfie

This is by far the most common and most exploited! It can look effortlessly flawless on one hand, whereas done wrong, can be super tacky. Too many of them consist of the following: gym, bathroom mirror, car seat. Pick an interesting place and any other expression besides duck face. Please.

2. The Half Nakey

Show a lot of skin in your profile and people will get it! And if that’s what you want and aim for, then all the power to ya. But if not, you can always strategically find pictures that are as equally as attractive. Don’t underestimate the power of mystery. Less can really be more sexy when done right. Bring out those curves/abs and the style with finesse.

3. The Anonymous

This is the user that hides either behind a quote, meme, or blank interface. This person never shows their full face. Just seems very, very sketchy and even if that person were private, where’s that appealing confidence!?

4. The Pet

To make guys look ‘portrayed’ as innocent and sweet. Also could just be there because he or she is indeed a Cat/Dog/Bunny parent. Use this sparingly. Swipers might like the pet more than the pet owner after all.

5. The Prize

This could be a picture of a collegiate diploma, a grand fish you caught, a meeting with a celebrity, a shiny luxury car, a breathtaking nature scene, some fancy cake you made, some other attractive person, a daring stunt, a trophy, etc. It really boils down to what you personally value and it will inadvertently give that impression whether you like it or not.

6. The Couple

I need to put this one as a disclaimer photo because they appear on Tinder more than you think. The one poly couple or the married couple that wants to explore what’s out there. Yeah, they exist. So if you swipe right, you swipe for them both!

7. The Influenced

“Influenced” aka under the booze, 420, or cigarette butt. If 3 out of 4 of your pictures are images of you, at the bar under flashlight photography, one’s probably not thinking, “Yeah, this one’s an introverted recluse.” Be mindful of what you want to convey honestly. Including your everyday habits.

8. The Chameleon

This can be easily filed under “The Anonymous” because it begets the same reaction. Though, this is distinctly about someone trying to hide behind another—whether that is a twin sibling, another friend, and a huge group of friends. Come on! Just stand out on your own! Tinder’ers want to see you and mostly you anyway.

9. The Foodie

Need I explain more? Your Tinder is probably mostly Instagram photos of your foodie adventures.

10. The Crowd

This very telling in that the Crowd you put on display is the social crowd you most value. Is the ‘crowd’ your family, your esteemed colleagues, your frat, your soccer team, your arm candy, your clients, or your fellow bar hoppers?

11. The Photo Shop

The senior photo. The photo shoot. The monochromatic or sepia tones. The ambient lighting. Nice to have these photos in the mix. Just make sure to include some photos of you in real-life natural lighting. Makes your profile seem a lot more authentic and well-rounded and therefore attractive.

12. The Original

This is the truly picturesque photo in that it’s one of these above 11 types but with a twist. Like…it’s a selfie of you, wearing stylish boots, on the Alps with your two close friends and pet wolf named Skylar. I mean can you get more original than that? If you had the time or that IS your life, yes. If not, try a Little more. All the best, Tinder-ers!

Author Profile

Sarah Suhaimi practices 명음 by day and the art of dark chocolate bar swindling by night. She is currently working closely with a local Pittsburgh non-profit that serves sex-trafficked victims, Living in Liberty, as a volunteer and grant proposal writer. She founded the Southeast Asian Student Alliance (SEASA) at her university, and, as well, the "Offer Islam Campaign." Her works vary from prose to poetry to articles. Her published works include, ‘The Home of an Immigrant’s Daughter’ in the Art Catalogue for the 2012 Dublin Biennial, Dublin, Ireland and ‘Hidden Beauty Reveals Itself (Intellect Vs Instinct)’ in the Art Catalogue for the 2011 Florence Biennale VIII, Florence, Italy.

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