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Passport to Love: Travel and Dating

London Escorts
London Escorts
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Ask almost anyone whether you should travel while you’re young, single, and unencumbered by huge responsibilities and you’ll likely get a resounding “Yes!” Your grandmother’s loudly voiced concerns about your financial future notwithstanding, most people are incredibly supportive of the idea of travel especially when you’re in your twenties or thirties and still have the guts and the desire to do so.

Traveling is the single most important thing that you can do to broaden your understanding of the world, learn more about people who live a completely different life than your own, and to give you some hilarious stories and wise anecdotes to share with people, including your naysaying grandmother.
But can travel hold you back from love?

For many people travel can be an insular experience. Perhaps you’re traveling alone to undertake some serious soul-searching, or perhaps you’re traveling with a friend and you don’t want anything to distract you from focusing on how the experience is deepening that relationship. Regardless, at some point during your travels you’re going to meet someone and there will be sparks, no matter how much you try to deny it. Therein lies the question; should you date while traveling? Yes, you absolutely should, and here are three reasons why.

1. There Really Is an International Language

If you believe everything you see in the movies then you know that, even with a language barrier, two people can meet on a street in Paris, hop in the sack 10 minutes later, and emerge with an incredibly deep understanding of love and the ways of the world. In real life, it’s not much different.

While we might think that, as humans, we’ve lost a great deal of instinctive body language that allows us to communicate without words, the truth is that we’ve still got it. A long, lingering glance or a casual twist of the shoulders speaks volumes and easily lets a potential partner know that you’re interested. Why not capitalize on the gifts that nature gave you and try them out the next time you find yourself staring down a beautiful stranger and you don’t speak Thai? You’ll discover that diplomatic relations can mean more than one thing.

2. It Doesn’t Have to Be Anything More Than a Fling

As mentioned earlier, some travelers are seeking some sort of awakening of the spirit, a wandering nirvana if you will, and loathe the thought of being distracted by anything, even a sexy, eligible single in whatever town they happen to be in. Travel is, after all, a very personal experience and if you’ve deleted your Tinder app to keep your mind focused on your enlightenment, then that’s fine.

But what if you just desire some company, however briefly?

In almost every corner of the world there are easy ways to find someone to spend some time with. Perhaps you just want to hang out and chat, or perhaps you’d like to spend that time in more physical ways, but no matter the activity there’s someone who is down to do it with you. Bigger cities are going to be more user-friendly for this type of activity, and finding a date in London (or places like it) is going to be a whole lot easier than you think.

3. He or She Just Might Be the One

While it’s true that some people travel specifically to meet someone and get married, most adventurers aren’t necessarily breaking out their passport with the singular focus of getting hitched. However, stranger things have happened and a great number of people return from their travels with a fiancée in tow.

Is this the worst thing that could happen? In all likelihood, this would not be the most horrible aspect of your trip. Lost passports and food poisoning are much, much worse.

Interesting and attractive people come from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe. The chances of meeting someone who you could spend the rest of your life with are actually pretty good. The allure of an international stranger goes both ways; you’re as attracted to their foreignness as they are to yours. Sparks fly in the most unlikely of places, and you certainly don’t want to let them extinguish before you even get to see the fire.

Traveling is a very personal experience and no one would fault you for wanting to keep it all about you. However, things come up, you’ll meet someone who makes you take a second look, and before you know it you’re on a date in an exotic place with an even more exotic person.

Why not just let nature take its course?

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