Upkeep & Maintenance is Not Just for Cars, Fellas.

My grandfather once told me that servicing your car is important; important because your car is like an employee and that employee needs to get paid if they are going to continue working for you.  I still follow this nugget of wisdom, even to this day.  He had a very cut and dry way of thinking, simple.  He may not have been the most educated person in our family, but he is certainly the smartest…  This piece of philosophy applies to pretty much anything in life.  In particular, though, I feel it applies to relationships.

I know I’m not telling most of you anything you didn’t already know, I realize.  So let’s get to the “brass tacks.”  
To say changing your car’s oil every five thousand miles is a decent idea would be something of an understatement.  It’s something you JUST DO.  Nike knows it, you know it.  Why, then do we not apply this same logic to the women we get into relationships with?  Women need to be checked on, women need upkeep, and they need attention.

A woman’s need to feel reassured, acknowledged, appreciated etc. manifests itself in a number of ways.  Sometimes it’s in the form of a text message; sometimes it’s her standing close to you in a crowded bar wanting you to wrap an arm around her or holding her hand… There are a great number of ways that women reach out to their men.

If it is important for a man to make his woman happy; to work on and further the relationship in a positive manner a man must understand that women need to be given attention, like new oil to a car, vicodin to Dr. House… You get the point; and to further that point there must be an understanding that no matter how well you pay attention to your woman today, for the past week, for all the time you’ve been together, it doesn’t matter if that attention and reassurance isn’t there they following day.  It’s an ongoing process.

Like many worthwhile pursuits, relationships are constant and evolving work.  What one puts in one gets out… Automagically.

What do you think about the following statement:
If an actor is only as good as their last movie, then your relationship is only as secure as the last time you paid attention to it.

Think about it and post a comment.

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