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I haven't lived with anyone in nineteen years other than my daughter… I haven't had anyone in my bed except for twice last month.

Guess I never really thought about it before it's always been her and I. Now baby. ( my grandchild) And she is planning on moving out as soon as she finds a place, so I'm not sure how I'm gonna feel…

Realistically I thought by now I would be sharing my life with someone not still trying to sift through the men from the wannabes.

By now, I thought I would be maintaining that consistency and effort.

By now I never imagined still trying to conquer this life solo.

My quest to find a man who exceeds my expectations, who wants more than a romp in the sack, leaving me feeling defeated at times. Show me substance, give me time. Enlighten my senses. Looking for my last – first date.

I have been on one memorable date to date.

He really stepped up his game. We had fun, went with the flow. Distance and timing weren't on our side however, I have seen him a couple times since and we always go out.

Guys have to up their game.

Unlock my curiosity.

Granted, I am a little rough around the edges, I am a bit jaded, my optimism hanging by a thread.

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Pacsac age 45 🇨🇦
Perfectly Imperfect Series


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