The Weekend Warrior isn’t Just for Dads Anymore.

Ted Fucking Nugent!
Ted Fucking Nugent!

If you’re in a relationship or dating someone, how often do you see that special someone? Do you see them every day? How about every other day or even weekly? What amount is the right amount to see your lover? No, no, I’m not going to assume that there is a “right” amount. Which reminds me, Goldie Locks is an asshole; because of that twat waffle many of us or trying to find “just right” in a variety of facets within our lives… I’d punch that blonde burglar squarely in the taco, if I met her on a street corner!

I’m a weekend warrior relationship kind of guy; that is, I see my girl on the weekends. Sometimes we will break things up and go to stay with the other person on a weeknight. I should mention we live about thirty five minutes apart from one another. Not exactly an infant’s toss, now is it?

During our time together that distance hasn’t really been an issue for us and I would still say that it’s not. However, I find myself less satisfied with the time we have together on our weekends. You see, we’re popular people; we’re in demand and people want face time with us… Okay, okay, now I’m just being egotistical. Though, that last sentence shouldn’t detract from the fact that our weekends usually find us spending time with friends and family, which is to be expected. When all your time, though, isn’t your own, then it kind of sucks because you really do get less time with your sweetie.

To compound our time together, sometimes I have work on the weekends that needs to get done. Last weekend, I needed to finish a project due for Monday. I couldn’t spend as much time with my lady; truth be told a lot of my mental energy was spent thinking about the project. I wasn’t really “there.”

Not being “there” is creeping up as an issue.

Mentally and physically being “there” are obviously two different things. People will tell me “Alex, you need to balance your life.” I tell them “Kick a rocky turd down a mountain! Why don’t you go balance the two things YOU LOVE in YOUR LIFE!” You don’t balance passions, you allocate the time you have and life will sort itself out from there, I believe. That’s a different article, though.

I’m finding that having only the weekends with my girlfriend has put a strain on the little time we have together. The simple truth is that we need more time together, what we have isn’t enough anymore. Is it time to start talking about moving in together? Yes, and probably well past that point to be honest. We’ve talked about it; my job situation presents a bit of a challenge, though. I’d be making a horrible commute. I also don’t want to move my girl from her city. I actually like where she lives, though, I like my place, too. However, I’ve decided that her hood is where I want to be.

So there it is, kids. This guy wants to shack up with his girl. Don’t you judge me now! All I have to do is shift a few things around and see what I can do to make things work. Time will tell.

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Alex is the founder and managing editor at the Urban Dater. Alex also runs: DigiSavvy, for which he is the co-founder and Principal. Alex has a lot on his mind. Will he ever get it right? If he does, he'll be sure to write.

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