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The Urban Dater Online Dating News
The Urban Dater Online Dating News

Some of you that may have been to the site in the last day or two probably noticed that the site was wonkier than usual… No, Alex wasn't on the methadone again. Nope, long story short, we migrated the Urban Dater to a new web hosting provider, after spending our fledgling years on Dreamhost… Needless to say, being hosted by Dreamhost was like jabbing oneself in the eye with a sharp stick on a regular basis. Good BYE! That was one relationship that wouldn't die, kids! Alas, there were good times, but we've found ourselves a new lover and moved on.

While we were in the process of moving, Taylor Cast put Alex's wanker to the grind stone to finish up a long awaited redesign and framework change for the website (yes “website” the AP says it's cool now). The site doesn't look drastically different. We wanted to be able to highlight certain pieces of content as we do plan on doing a few more featured pieces on bloggers and assorted other goodies soon. The other major change is that we're running on the Genesis Framework (affiliate link) and that has helped us boost performance and SEO on the site and other random alcohol induced bugs (Ahem, Alex!). You can read Alex's take on this, more in-depth on his blog http://alexvasquez.posterous.com/

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