What Makes The Perfect Boyfriend?

the perfect boyfriend
the perfect boyfriend
I guess he's kinda cute. I'd let him let me let him slip it in… – Alex

Congratulations! You have finally landed your dream girlfriend! But now that you've got her, you want to make sure you do everything in your power not to lose her. You think she is perfect and amazing, so how can you return the favor and be the best possible boyfriend in return? Regardless if you're a new couple or have seen many winters together, I'm sure these tips will help you keep things fresh with your special lady, so read on!

Girls can't read your mind
You need to reassure her frequently. Everyone knows that guys are not that great at expressing their feeling and emotions, especially when faced with a beautiful Russian, Asian or Chinese girl! Most guys just assume that girls know how they feel about them. But the truth is, she needs to hear it from your and hear it often. It's simple, just tell her what you like about her or compliment her looks or personality and you'll be strengthening your bond and providing her an added sense of security which all women long for.

Small shows of affection can make a big difference
Ladies may be quite sensitive about being too physical in public, especially early on in the relationship, but they still appreciate an affectionate touch. A light caress on the hand or wrist may be just the way to spark a gentle intimacy between you. It shows her that you're caring and sensitive, while still being discrete and polite.

Send a special gift to your special lady
Every girl, whether she is from China or America, will love and expect a gift on her birthday or Valentine's day, but give her a surprise gift to really show her you care! Whenever you find something which makes you think of her, just grab it off the shelf. You can also create your own special little holidays by giving her a present for your “one month anniversary” or buying her a dozen pink roses because she told you her favorite color is pink. All these things really show her you are think of her all the time!

Go out for a night on the town
Everyone gets tired and lazy sometimes, especially once you've been in a relationship for a while. So it's extra important to make her feel the romance even after you've been together for a long time. Go out for a romantic candlelight dinner or go hang out with her friends or family and she will be thinking what an amazing guy you are for being so thoughtful. If you're still a new couple, meeting her family can be a great way to get closer, but be careful not to rush it.

Think about what she was like when you first fell in love
Why did you fall in love with this beautiful lady in the first place? Don't start trying to change her now that you're together. And don't get too jealous if she likes to still have her own friends. Letting her be herself and remembering what you love about her will give her the freedom to make you relationship stronger and actually bring you closer together.

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  1. I really enjoyed this blog! So often nice relationships don’t work out because one or both partners are unsure of what they are actually looking for in a partner. I recently read another blog that details some of the more common qualities that both women and men look for in their partners and helpful in their search for the perfect parter, http://www.psychalive.org/2009/11/seven-qualities-of-an-ideal-partner/, I highly recommend it!

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