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10 Reasons to Date an Equestrian

date equestrian women
date equestrian women

Equestrians are snobbish and aloof. They are involved in a sport that requires coordination not with a fellow human, but with a horse. They are sensitive to the horse's needs and pet them like a baby. They also spoil their animals rotten, giving them the best food, medicines and supplements, and even employing other people just to make sure that the horses are cared for properly.

In short, equestrians are good to their horses. But are they good to a man? Here are 10 reasons why you should consider dating an equestrian:

  1. Have you seen the attire worn by an equestrian? With all those tight and fitting pants that she wears while jutting out her behind whenever she rides a horse, foreplay with an equestrian starts early. It starts while she is still competing in her event.

  2. Riding a horse can be tough. She can have bruises because of all the bouncing around. In other words, an equestrian knows how to take it rough.

  3. How does one ride a horse? Yes, an equestrian knows how to spread her legs.

  4. The key to success in her sport is her ability to tame her horse. The animal is forced to take instructions from her. In other words, an equestrian knows how to be in control.

  5. If you prefer for her to do all the work in bed, then no worries. An equestrian will have no problem being on top.

  6. If an equestrian can learn how to love a being with the face of a horse, then surely, you would have a chance of getting loved by her as well.

  7. An equestrian trains long and hard for her event. This means staying with and riding the horse each chance she gets. She can therefore ride you all night long.

  8. Tired of girls who are squirmy? An equestrian is used to the surroundings of a horse's stable, so she would have no qualms getting down and dirty.

  9. Guys like to think of themselves as well endowed. If by chance you are indeed gifted in that department, you still have nothing to worry about when dating an equestrian. After all, if she can handle a horse's, she can surely take on yours.

  10. Are you into those slave and master things? You're in luck! Equestrians know how to use ropes and whips.

Some light reading for those actually looking or currently dating an equestrian. There aredefinitelymore positive qualities and reasons you will find it you ever end up dating one, but here's just a collection of humorous reasons from Cupidslibrary.com

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  1. This post is highly disrespectful to not only women but also to equestrians like myself. You are labeling equestrians as whores, whenever all we are doing is riding a horse. I don’t get turned on when I ride a horse, and when someone does get turned on, they are most definitely riding wrong. I have been riding horses my entire life, both western and english, and never have I once tried to turn on a man or woman(I’m bisexual) by riding my horse. In my opinion, my horse takes up all of my love. I can never even consider loving a human being. I do understand that this post was based on opinions, but I believe that you should have mentioned something about how the opinions were all your own and you didn’t mean to disrespect any woman or man. I would prefer you DO NOT email me anything but an apology. However, I do not need an apology, I just needed to comment my feelings.

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